Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hello Everyone,
I've been working on baskets for the Block of the Week offered by the shop.  These little guys are so much fun to make.

It has also been lots of fun selecting the fabrics.

I have to be different, so I'm playing around with different settings.

My vision is machine quilted baskets in the setting squares. 72 baskets done.....48 to go!  I'm making 8 HST at a time which makes these baskets quick and easy.

Today is T-ball Saturday.  We have a great time watching the 5-year-olds hit and run around the bases.  No score is record of strikes or the number of outs.  Everyone gets to hit and have a good time.  The best entertainment in town is watching our son coach our grandson!



  1. Love your little baskets. Oh, I miss the little leaque fields - enjoy.

  2. Wow, so lovely little baskets.
    Another fantastic work from you.

    Greetings from Germany, Grit

  3. Your baskets are so sweet...lovely fabrics. Have fun with the t-ball!

  4. That's a lot of little colorful baskets, Lynn! Great idea for the machine quilting, too! Sounds like you had a great time at T-ball!

  5. Cute little baskets. I had a laugh to/at myself when I thought of me trying to pick all different fabrics to make 120 of them. I'd probably have to live to be about 200 just to do that part!

    Sorry to show my ignorance too, but what is T-ball?

  6. You do know that it's completely your fault that I've now joined this BOW. :-) I'm loving watching your blocks, just got my first week's worth and trying to find time to sew them. . .

  7. VERY cute! I love those little things.

  8. Those basket blocks are so cute!! I remember a co-workers girls playing t-ball and it was a hoot watching them run all over, lose focus, etc. Hugs!!