Thursday, March 21, 2013

Vintage Pillows

Hello Everyone,
Yesterday I made two vintage pillow tops from my Nostalgic Christmas pattern....just in time for the 4th of July.  I know I'm rushing things, but I want to have items on display for my booth at the Amador Valley Quilt Show next month. 

I started with a cute vintage image that I downloaded HERE  I resized the image in Word, then printed it on Printed Treasures cloth/paper in an ink jet printer.  I stitched two frames around the image to get it to the correct size.

 Then I made flying geese for each border.  This was way too much red and blue for me.

I just wanted a little color peeking out around the border, so I turned the flying geese into double flying geese.  My tutorial for double flying geese is HERE under the Virtual Classroom tab at the top of my blog.

I added two more borders and a plaid flange and this 18-1/2" square is ready for the quilting machine.

I ran across a great source of images HERE.  Go to EXPLORE and you will find hundreds of vintage seed packets.  I wanted to keep with my patriotic theme, but I also wanted to use different colors so I keyed off of the pink hydrangea and blue from the flag.

I added the two framing borders.

Then made a gaggle of geese.

They went from this...... this, double flying geese.

Two more borders and a flange and it's ready to be quilted and I'll have two more items finished for the Americana section in my booth.  My Americana section now has three things. Yippee Skippy!   

Two pillows and my Buttonwood quilt design.

I'm going to get back to my other basket quilt today.  I guess I have a thing about baskets!


  1. Wow your pillows are very cute. Love the images.

  2. Love the pillows. I have got to find that stuff you can print a design on - awesome. I love your blog, I'm always learning new things and I get so inspired!! Hugs.

  3. Let's hear it for the Red, White and Blue, Lynn! I think these will be a real hit at the show!

  4. Just lovely and thank you for the image source.

  5. Your pillow is just fantastic. I love all the choices you made. I also love your baskets quilt- Beautiful!

  6. Beautiful! I love everything vintage and these images are just wonderful! I've not heard of the Printed Treasures Cloth paper. I'll have to check that out. I am wanting to make another memory quilt in honor of my father.

    Love these!

  7. You need the baskets to carry all your ideas!!!

    These are such fun...

  8. So adorable...bring on the white wicker rocker!
    We saw a seed packet themed quilt at Alden Lane when we were there and loved it...the images you shared are even sweet and romantic!
    One of our purchases at the nursery were nostalgic pumpkin seed packets! Planning to open the backs carefully when we plant so that we can mat and frame the empty packets. I'm trying to restrain myself from starting another new project right now and you're making it difficult!...Hey!!! I can hear you giggling!!!

  9. Oh I sure love these. I would buy one if you would print some of these out. They are so nostalgic and wonderful. What is name of the print in the second one, the one with the gaggle of geese? It has the roses. Maybe it's a Moda print. Your work is wonderful. I will be using your flying geese tutorial. Thank you.

  10. Lynn, these are lovely! I really enjoy the way you walk us through the process and the decision-making. Always love the results!