Sunday, June 2, 2013

Nostaligic Pillows Class in in Session

Hello Everyone,
We had a great day in the classroom at In Between Stitches yesterday.  The girls were busy making vintage pillows using my Nostalgic Christmas pillow/quilt pattern.  They all brought in different and wonderful centers.  Lisa brought in a beautiful panel that she is using for her center.  Her centers are all different and she is going to make a quilt.  Lisa is my partner in crime down at the shop.  Occasionally we get the opportunity to work together and we have way too much fun.

Ruth Ann had a cute Christmas panel with several reindeer in all different poses.  She has enough for a quilt and a pillow or two. Just that little hint of red left around the image adds another touch of color and charm.

LuAnn has a wonderful summer panel in a kit full of batiks to make a quilt or pillows or both.  I put the kits together and we have one or two available at the shop.  The colors of this panel are yummy!  LuAnn has a wedding coming up soon in her family and what a perfect gift!

Holly purchased seed packet prints from Olde America Antiques.   They were so attractive and Holly's pillows are going to be fabulous.  She has her borders and flange selected and ready to be attached to the pillow.

Mary is making a pillow for the 4th of July.  It was so cute and she's afraid her Mother is going to commandeer it!  For good reason.....just adorable and so patriotic.

Katheline purchased vintage Santa's from Olde American Antiques.  Her pillows are going to be so rich-looking in her fabrics flecked with gold.

That about does it for today.  I've covered almost every Holiday this morning.  The girls were so much fun and they've inspired me!  Now I want to make one of everything that they made yesterday.  Our day together went way too fast girls.  Thank you so much for spending your Saturday with me.



  1. WOW! How could anyone leave that class and not be inspired!!!? I'll take one of those and one of those...and...
    Oh heck! I'll just take them all!!!

  2. Gorgeous everyone of them! I see more of these pillows in my future, such an inspiring group of gals!

    1. OMGosh....where did LuAnn get her panel...I love it....

  3. Did you say you had a pillow pattern?? Can it be purchased?? I love those pillows and the vintage prints. I see some cool Christmas gifts in the making.

  4. Wow, all of them are so beautiful.
    Greetings Grit

  5. These are all such great ideas! I am so happy that I started my Nostalgic quilt...all these blocks inspire me to do a few more blocks!

  6. It's just incredible how much fun you can have with your design, Lynn!