Monday, June 10, 2013

Sew Knotty Quilters Part Two

Hello Everyone,
The quilt parade is brought to you by the following, talented, funny, delightful group of women, The Sew Knotty Quilters.  Front row, Elaine, Paula, Evelynne, Me, Melody, Nancy, Gail, Barbara and Peggy. Diana & Carol were part of the group, but they were not with us at Lake Alpine Saturday night.

Yesterday morning we had our quilt parade.  Gail and Barbara brought their Butterscotch Basket quilts to the retreat.  Gail is ready for her borders and Barbara's quilt is ready for the quilter. Aren't they something!

Melody finished the quilt on the left from her granddaughter.  Barbara finished her Anna's Mountain quilt by Denise Sheehan. Melody almost finished her throw quilt on the right, a Thimbleberrie design.

The girls were clowning around displaying Paula's finished hexies. (They didn't drape too well over the railing!)

Elaine graciously offered to model the hexies which I promptly named Paula's Pasties!

Here's the closeup.

Peggy learned how to make double flying geese for a Nostalgic Pillow.

Nancy designed a strawberry dipped in chocolate for the center of her Nostalgic Pillow.

Evelynne, the queen of bling, showed us her mailbox for Party in the Garden.  Her embroidery and embellishments are top notch.

Diana worked on her little teddy for Toyland Tree.  So sweet, the bear and Diana.

There goes Elaine, using her chest as a design board again!  She finished some wonderful blocks for her Country Charmer quilt.

Peggy worked on her Summer's Blush/Winter's Warmth quilt.  She is now an expert  when it comes to attaching borders.

Gail worked on her Country Charmer and displayed two of her six blocks.  She's well on her way to a beautiful quilt.

Paula showed us her wonderful house for Party in the Garden

We ate our breakfast and enjoyed our last morning together chatting and sharing out on the deck. 

Whenever anyone finished a block, or a significant section of a quilt, they ran over and rang the cow bell.  That bell was kept busy over the weekend.
Here are some random shots of us on Saturday.  We escaped the relentless, scorching heat and drove north and viewed the Carson-Iceberg Wilderness area on our way to Lake Alpine.  Now I'm quoting Elaine here, "We are a skosh more refined than the Calendar Girls!"  Again, one of our many memorable moments.

Our destination was dinner at Lake Alpine Resort.

We said our goodbyes, yesterday morning and went back to our normal life.  We'll wait for our ship to come in so we can buy more fabric at In Between Stitches!

Thank you, thank you, thank you all for making our first annual retreat at Wilder's Last Resort such an enjoyable time.  You ladies are absolutely the best sports!  I never once heard a negative peep from anyone regarding the horribly hot weather and our lack of air conditioning.  You were delightful the whole time.  Memories were made, stories and laughter rang throughout the cabin.  Did I mention the food????........we are all dieting this week.  I'll post more picture and recipes throughout the week.


P.S. Barbara wanted me to extend a special 'thank you' to all of you for you generosity to Relay for Life.  Barbara is the Survivor Chairman for this very special event on June 22nd in Livermore.  You girls rock in more ways than one!

P.S.S. We have a new way to make coffee that involves a turkey baster!  I can't just had to be there.  I know Paula and Gail are laughing while they are reading this.  Mrs. Barnes was cooking again!


  1. Ahhhh Lynn...What a wonderful retreat it was, and you're, right - I can't wait for the next one!
    New quilt friends, new techniques, new inspirations, great food and lots of laughter.
    Thank you so much for sharing your "cabin" and your time to put this together for all of us!!

    And yes...a turkey baster is the latest and greatest coffee making tool!!! I'm sure Gail will agree!!!!

  2. You know, I kept hearing the laughter all the way over here! Sounds like you all had a great time, and there were some lovely projects being worked on. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  3. What a fun group of ladies and gorgeous quilts. Sounds like a fantastic weekend despite the heat. I sure did enjoy all the pictures.

  4. We had an awesome time. A good combo of personalities, led by an inspiring leader! As to the heat, that comes under the category of "making memories"!

  5. What a wonderful group!! So glad you could enjoy such a wonderful time!! The scenery is just lovely!


  6. Oh, I almost feel like I was there, Lynn! I can't believe so much work was accomplished with all the laughter and merriment! I can only imagine how coffee was made with the turkey baster!! Everyone's projects are wonderful! Tell Elaine she makes a great design wall (wink)! I bet the bears were wondering what the heck all the noise was when you rang the bell! Glad you all had fun - and don't forget those lottery tickets for more fabric!

  7. Best time ever! Thanks Lynn for your sweet spirit of hospitality and willingness to help the remedial quilter. :-)

    So fun with fabrics and friends!

  8. The above comment was from me, but my husband's name was first on the account. Told you I was remedial.

  9. Oh wow...looks like you had a fantastic time full of making memories. The quilts were gorgeous...Butterscotch Basket quilts were scrumptious...and those Country Charmer blocks were perfection! Thanks for sharing with us...loved it all!

  10. What a lovely bunch of quilts the ladies are producing. Well done.