Friday, January 17, 2014

Flying in Formation

Hello Everyone,
I'm as cool as a pressure here.....none at all......NOT!!  I'm teaching my Patchwork Math class at In Between Stitches tomorrow, and Alex Anderson is going to be observing my class!

I have all of my little "step-outs" in pristine order in my math binder.  Here are some of the components that I'm teaching.  I'll explain all of the formulas to make each of these components in all different sizes.  The components can be used in blocks, sashing or add them to borders.

Square in a triangle

Double Flying Geese

Flying Geese

HST - 8 at a time

3-color quarter square triangles

2-color quarter square triangles

Square in a square

Tall triangle


I explain how to break complex blocks up into manageable components.  Once you recognize the different components of a block, it then becomes easy to re-size the block into any size you want since you have the formulas in your reference manual and begin to store them away in your brain's math compartment.  (I'm always doing some major housekeeping in that part of my brain!)
This block contains: 4 Squares in a triangle, 8 HST, 4 Quarter square triangles, 4 Flying Geese, 1 Square in a square, and 12 regular squares.

I'm going to take some advise from my friend Nancy from Nancie Anne Quilts.  She said to teach those butterflies to fly in formation darlin'!  In my case, I'll be teaching the Flying Geese to fly in formation.

I also thought about serving Mimosas in the morning and Margaritas in the afternoon.  My friend Shelley thought it was a good idea, and would enhance the class (although accuracy would decrease!)

I will be sequestering myself away in my quilting room today, refining my teaching techniques, practicing and then practicing some more.  There just might be some praying going on too!



  1. Oh good luck! But considering you wrote such an informative book Im sure you wont have any problems. I would have you as a teacher any day!

  2. Well there you go! Sharing some of that secret stuff I've been sitting on! What a tongue is sore and the blue face thing is not working well for me at all! Contrary to popular belief, I cannot turn myself into a fly or hover on my broom up by the classroom ceiling unnoticed...but my thoughts and heart will be there with you, every diagramed step of the way! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  3. You'll do great Lynn! Sounds like a very fun class.

  4. There's just one thing missing - Gail and I in the background ready to have a good heckle!

    I won't wish you luck cos you won't need it - you'll be fantastical.

  5. You are going to do a awesome job teaching Lynn! No worries ... you are a great teacher just have fun !

  6. All good thoughts are coming your way and your work speaks for itself!!!!

  7. LOL I am sure you will do great. Just remember to breathe.

  8. I wish you were in the UK, I would love to be taught by you, your quilts are beautiful!

  9. You will be fine...we are all rooting for you! Alex is a lucky gal to be in your group!

  10. Ditto on Quilt Sue's comment! Since we can't be there for "support", we will be there in spirit. You will do well, just be yourself, the person that all of your students love!

  11. Wish I could be there. You will do great!

  12. We all know you will do well. Pretend you are talking to us.I too wish I could be there.

  13. Oh I wish I could take your class! Math makes my brain shut down. Secrets to an easier way....I need to learn that! You will do a great job sharing your math binder of secrets.

  14. I would love to be in one of your classes someday - I envy your students!

  15. Oh, how I would love to be in your class.
    All the best Lynn, you will be a big success.
    Julia ♥