Friday, January 3, 2014

Grammy Squares

Hello Everyone,
I'm becoming an expert at sewing set-in seams.  They aren't nearly as challenging as I was expecting them to be.  Just these few blocks would make a cute table topper.

This is what started my obsession with the little hexie blocks.  I knew I had this afghan somewhere, I just needed to look in the right trunk to find it.  Now I'm going to leave this out and on display for inspiration.

I cut quite a few 1" hexagon centers and paired them with some 1" strips.  When I say 1" hexagon, that refers to the finished SIDE of the hexagon.  When they are sewn into the block, they measure 1-3/4" from one side to the other side.  Not from point to point, but from flat side to flat side.

I always start with a center that has more than three colors, making it easier to find matching strips.  There is just a hint of purple in this center....see it?

Here's a close up of my strips.  Not really matchy-matchy, but they are going to make a great block.

Round one....

Round two....

Round three......

See how it changes once the black is attached.  You can get away using just about any color, since the blocks are separated by the black.

Can you find the block?  These are so much fun to make.  Each block has a personality unique to all the rest.....just like people!  Once I finish a few blocks, I stitch them together so I'm not going to be faced with that monumental task in the end.  I'm not going to stress over block placement, since it's going to be all scrappy and I do mean scrappy!  I'm working through my stash 1" at a time.

Now to some home decorating.  Mr. Joe and I are really into "repurposing".  We had this old toboggan under the cabin that wasn't useable any longer.  I love to display quilts in unique ways, and this is just about the most unique way I can think of.  Mr. Joe made the wine barrel bar....another chance to repurpose.

This quilt is called Summer Wind by Miss Rosie.  I think I will rename it Winter Wind.  I think of my quilts as insulation for the cabin.  I don't believe they are "up to code", but I don't care....the logs aren't insulated to begin with.

Once Mr. Joe finished his grumbling about screwing the toboggan to the logs, he stepped back, looked at it, and liked the end result.  I promised him that I wouldn't change my mind and move this to a different location.  This toboggan is here to stay.....forever.

Look around your house, garage, attic (I wish I had an attic and basement), and see what you can repurpose.  If you find something and display a quilt on it, send me a picture.  I'd love to see what treasures you find.  Look for treasures today within your own home.  I think you'll be surprised when you look at something with a different use in mind.  Happy hunting.



  1. You are SO clever! Love the toboggan to hand your quilt ! Perfect for your log home :-D

  2. Loving your grammy squares and my Mum and my great grandmother used to make "lots" of granny square rugs. What a great display unit for the toboggan and yest repurposing is such a wonderful idea. Take care.

  3. I think we are the home of repurposing at times. My side of the garage is full of dumpster finds. DH indulges me but it is my job to make them work.

  4. Lynn - Every time I see your hexie project I love it more and more! Thanks for new pictures!

  5. You're having lots of fun with those little hexies, aren't you. Nothing like teenie tiny pieces in my book - they look spectacular. Keep going!

  6. Really loving those hexies and your new quilt display is great , I have to see what I have around that would work .

  7. I love the mini-hexies. Any idea what they're going to be when they grow up? Are you going for a king-size bed quilt or a coaster? Whatever, they're looking gorgeous.

  8. Ohhhhh....I just keep seeing my grandmothers granny square afghan in your hexies, Lynn....but wait....what's grandma's afghan doing in your cabin (wink)?? I wondered about sewing them together with no triangles - I think you're going to have one luscious quilt there! Great idea about finding something around the house to repurpose....right now Mr. Squash is lying around on the couch.....he might make a really good quilt holder ;>)