Thursday, January 16, 2014

If it's Tuesday....It's Sew'n Wild Oaks Day

Hello Everyone,
I had a full classroom of creative gals at In Between Stitches last Tuesday.  They were working on projects from every season of the year.  Here's Barbara's colorful and bountiful cornucopia for Harvest of Hope.  

This is Suzanne's cozy haunted house for October Magic. I would love to walk down the pebblestone walkway into this cute little home.

Here are more of the finished parts and pieces for her quilt.  So colorful and precise.

My sister Gail is working on her blocks four at a time that she will incorporate into For the Love of Baskets.  She has quite the stack of them made and I wish I'd taken a picture of the pile.  She is using the block layout sheet as an aid to fabric placement.

Kathy finished her adorable little snowman for Toyland Tree. Kathy embellishes each block with her special little touches.

Barbara is also making For the Love of Baskets in a Spring/Summer colorway.  It is going to be so fresh and cheerful.

Azalia is making the star for the top and corners of her Toyland Tree.  When you get to the stars, you're getting close to the finish line!

Judy worked on her pumpkin for Harvest of Hope.  Judy loves to select the fabrics for her applique....and you can tell.  She will be working on all of those little grapes next.

Barbara is in barn building mode.  Love the silo fabric and her roof.  Perfect!

Suzanne was smitten with the little hexies and she made some for herself.  The hexie on the left, is built around a 1" center.  The one on the right, is built around a 3/4" center with 3/4" strips finishing at 1/4".  So darn cute!  She's starting a collection of strips, and is going to work on them when she feels like it.

Isabelle is starting her Harvest of Hope pumpkin.  It takes time to get all of the pieces traced, and prepared, but once they're done, let the stitching begin and the block comes alive!

Peggy has just two more side boarders and her Nostalgic Pillow in her rich selection of fabrics is almost finished!  The pillow is for her Mom and Peggy is sure it will be on display in a place of honor.

I'm telling you the classroom was buzzing with creativity and inspiration.  My girls are finishers, highly productive, and the nicest people you would ever want to know.  I'm so fortunate to call them friends!



  1. There's a lot of lovely work happening in your classroom.

  2. So many pretties being worked on. I love the little baskets - need to make more of those.

  3. Fabulous projects! Love seeing what the gals are working on!