Thursday, January 2, 2014

Keep Celebrating

Hello Everyone,
I hope you all had a wonderful New Year celebration.  We had a very quiet one and it felt good to relax and hit the sack early.  As you can see we are big time party animals!
I started the week with 11 completed blocks for Once Upon a Vine.  I set up my cutting station on the island in my kitchen, and cut my way through several TV shows and multiple football games.  

Then I started to piece, double flying geese four at a time, and HST eight at a time.  I went from 11 blocks to 28 blocks.

Today is play day with the block layout after I make two more blocks.

When I'm designing a quilt, I'm always thinking about the open space that I can fill with beautiful machine quilting.  I'm anxious to get this one together just so I can quilt it!  Today I might even play around with the borders......I'm rubbing my chin and contemplating what I'm going to do, and can I pull off the plan that is floating around in my head.  I need the calculator for this one!

I know there is always the "let down" after the Holidays.  But I look at it like this.....just because the Holidays are over doesn't mean we have to stop celebrating.  We can celebrate every single day of our life.  We can keep the anticipation of Christmas morning alive each day by planning how we are going to fill our days with creativity, inspiration, generosity and love.  That is my goal this year.  Celebrate life each day as though it was a new empty page to fill in my book of life.  I want my book to be a good read, and it's up to me to decide what to write on each and every page, each and every day.

Start writing.


P.S. In Between Stitches is in the process of developing a new website.  None of the links work to my patterns, but be patient......they will be there soon.  If you are interested in purchasing any of my patterns, you can contact the shop or me directly.  The new website is going to be wonderful and it will be a fun place for you to virtually visit to see all of the new quilting goodies.


  1. Happy New Year, Lynn!! Your thoughts on celebrating every day is wonderful and sooooo true. Reading it was so inspiring. Your new design is beautiful as always. I LOVE that you always incorporate quilt space in your designs. Smart cookie!!

  2. Oh Lynn, every time I see one of these basket blocks, I am more in love with this new design and the fabrics you used for it. The colors in the first photo are fabulous. I meant to ask if you have a pattern for your Scrappy Leaves quilt? Happy New Year and thanks for all the amazing inspiration.

  3. What a beautiful quilt! and yes, we should choose to celebrate every day. Working in a nursing facility has made me realize that too.

  4. I'm celebrating today just looking at your new creation, Lynn! It's so bright and airy - makes me feel like maybe the warmer weather isn't that far off!

  5. You're so right about celebrating each day Lynn. It's something we maybe all need reminding about from time to time.