Thursday, October 2, 2014

Emilie Elizabeth the 2nd is now quilted

Hello Everyone,
Between working, teaching quilting classes, and cheering at cross country meets, soccer games, and football games, I managed to get Emilie Elizabeth quilted.  I love her!  I marked the center section with a Frixion pen, connected the dots, then quilted a very tight stipple around the feathers.

A few stolen hours here and there and she's finally finished.....well almost.....don't forget the binding. Once the binding, hanging sleeve and label are sewn on, I'll take a picture of the whole quilt and nothing but the quilt.

Everything I quilt is free motion.  The only computer connected to my Handi Quilter is my brain, and that's a few megabytes short of a floppy disk!  I think of my long-arm as a riding lawn mower......I drive it manually to music the whole time I'm quilting.

The back shows off the density of the quilting.  I always, well almost always use Dream Wool batting.  I love the loft, especially around the applique.

Thank you Pati from Marcus Fabrics for sending me the fabric called Judie's Album Quilt to make this quilt.  I would love to go to Houston and see it hanging in your booth.  This year during Quilt Market, I will be hosting my quilting retreat at Snowflake Lodge.  Maybe next year Houston will be on my calendar.

Before quilt market in Houston, Emilie Elizabeth will be on display at the In Between Stitches booth #732 at Pacific International Quilt Festival in Santa Clara, CA. 

I also, I want to thank my sister Gail for helping me complete the quilt and making my deadline with time to spare.  I still owe you the other half of a cookie!



  1. Jacqueline....says it all....

  2. Your quilting is gorgeous! I like how some areas are heavily quilted and others areas have no quilting at all. Best of both worlds!

  3. Yes, and I plan on collecting that other half, too! Your machine quilting is absolutely gorgeous, Lynn! It really showcases this beautiful quilt! Grandma would love it! It will be a real "show stopper" at PIQF and in Houston!

  4. Beautiful quilt, and beautiful quilting! Congratulations on a job well done!

  5. Gorgeous, truly gorgeous. Am impressed with your free motion skills. Have you ever used a new batting that is half cotton/half wool? Just curious. Anyway, it is a stunning quilt. And, you owe Gail several cookies.

    1. Thank you, Sue! I like your suggestion!

  6. Simply gorgeous, Lynn! I love the pattern, the beautiful quilting, and (wink,wink) the way you described your "computer." I think maybe I am a few megabytes short of a floppy disk, too! Congratulations on a stunning finish!

  7. Woww, that is just awesome Lynn.

  8. It's quite beautiful!!! I'll be looking for it at PIQF! Your quilting is quite amazing, and I think your "computer" works quite well!! Hugs!!

  9. AMAZING QUILTING Lynn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Oh...I so hope Emilie Elizabeth goes to Houston! The back looks like a whole cloth, too! Stunning work, Lynn! I'm headed down to Hermiston tomorrow to look at the HG Avante and see if I want to trade in my Gammil for it. You're inspiration is to no end! Oh - and I hope Gail got that cookie half and a few more ;>)

  11. It really turned out fabulous. Nicely done.