Sunday, October 12, 2014

Weekend Update

Hello Everyone,
I said a few days ago that I would take pictures of the absolutely FINISHED Emilie Elizabeth quilt.

It is so hard to get good pictures to showcase the quilt and the quilting.  You'll just have to go to Pacific International Quilt Festival this week and Houston Quilt Market in two weeks to see this one in person.  It is now, officially checked off my to-do list!

To celebrate my quilting freedom, Mr. Joe and I headed out for our annual trek over Ebbetts Pass through and over the Sierra Nevada mountain range.  This road is not for the faint of heart.  The narrow road threads itself along steep cliffs from California to Nevada.  I don't know how anyone could have made this trip in a covered wagon!  I would have gotten out and walked the whole way.  Last year when British Quilt Sue  was here for a visit, we drove her over this road.....what a trooper!  She never screamed once.  You know those Brits and their stiff upper lips!  How odd it must have been for her to be sitting on the passenger side of the car, totally out of control of the steering wheel, peering over the side of the cliffs.  I think she has fully recovered from the ordeal and we remain good friends! 

The weather people are forecasting snow this week.  That means all of the beautiful leaves will be gone and the pass with close for the season.

The weather was perfect yesterday.  Crystal blue sky showcased the quaking aspens.  I think they should be called quivering aspens instead.  They are probably quivering because they are afraid of falling over the cliffs!

Pincushion update.  I received many personal emails about the pincushions. I began mine with an 8" circle not a 6" circle as the Fiskars directions suggest.  I stuffed mine with ground walnut shells and a touch of "fresh linen" potpourri.  Mr. Joe thinks the cabin stinks!  He would much prefer smelling the crisp mountain air than potpourri.....I'm in agreement with him on this.  Filling the pincushions is a two person operation. One holds the funnel and the pincushion, while the other one fills up the funnel while inhaling potpourri. I just used a teaspoon of the stuff and we overdosed on "fresh linen."   Each of these little guys hold almost four cups of crushed walnuts.  They have some weight to them.  I like using the crushed walnuts to keep the pins sharp.

Stay tuned for my busy week ahead.  I'll be posting pictures from the huge quilt show.  I have to get out my good walking shoes and brave the crowds for my outing on Thursday.  Make it a good week for yourself.  Everyday can be a good day if WE make it so.  All of the great days turn into good weeks and happy memories.




  1. Emilie Elizabeth is absolutely stunning, Lynn, and the side photo really showcases your beautiful machine quilting! I can't wait to see it in person this week! Love the photos of your ride over the pass! The aspen are breathtaking! Glad you took a day off from your busy schedule! Your pin cushions are so cute! Don't forget to add your sister to your gift list. That might get you off the hook for that other half of cookie!

  2. Emilie Elizabeth is GORGEOUS!!!!! I think your pictures are great ! I can really see al of the quilting you did ! I applaud you !

    Glad to here you & hubby took a day trip to see all the beautiful trees chaining color . I think you needed a day to get away

  3. A wonderful Quilt is your Emilie Elisabeth. I love it. Too far away for me to see him live.

    Greetings from Germany

  4. I like crushed walnuts for pincushion filling too. I buiy it at Pet Smart.

  5. Emilie Elizabeth continues to amaze me, and I'm sure it will amaze everyone at market too! Your trip through the Pass sounds fabulous, though not for the faint of heart! Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures!

  6. Simply Beautiful! Beautiful Quilt! Beautiful Scenery! Beautiful Memories! BOO-tifull Pumpkins!
    I wonder if HRH has found anyone else to shade her with their Bumbershoot when she leaves her hat behind?

  7. Emily Elizabeth is just gorgeous!! And the ride through the mountains looks lovely! And I'll be seeing E E at PIQF: I'll have you show it to me personally!! :-) See you soon!! Hugs, H

  8. Your beautiful masterpiece is nothing short of a work of art, Lynn! What better way to celebrate that get out for a spectacular drive! That's my kinda road! You mean to tell me Sue didn't hold her hands high in the air going downhill (wink)?? She was a trooper for sure!

  9. Hey, we Brits are made of stern stuff you know, so of course I didn't scream. I will never forget that road though! EE looks just gorgeous and will be admired by everyone who sees her I'm sure.

    I keep reading about crushed walnut shells, but I have only very recently found it over here and then only if you buy it in packs of about 10kg. Not sure I could make enough pincushions to use that much!

  10. Thanks for sharing both your quilt and how you stuffed the pin cushions! I usually use the walnuts also, but sometimes on a large cushion I will stuff the middle with stuffing. I have a large jar of dried lavender that I grow and dry that I use instead of potpourri, I love smelling lavender every time I poke a pin in. I also try to live by your last paragraph as I hate drama in my life, I see too many people that seem to crave it and wonder why stuff always happens to them...hmmm, I wonder...