Saturday, August 8, 2015

Link to HST on The Quilt

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to give you a link to my latest segment on The Quilt so you can watch the HST video HERE

We just returned home late last night from a lecture and workshop in Chico. The girls at Annie's Star Quilt Guild are a great group of quilters! Today has been accounting day, grocery shopping day and resting day.  I'll post more about the lecture and workshop tomorrow.

Marilyn took my Patchwork Math workshop last year in Paradise, and she showed me one of her finished blocks! Great use of color, and she has perfect points!

I'm not doing ANY name dropping or anything, but I do include a picture of me with Alex Anderson in my talk.

You can download the formulas and directions for Block #1 HERE. This block is a great review and application of the techniques and math formulas used in the video.

The couch, and a good book are calling my name, so I'd better go see what they want!



  1. Thanks for the links! Marilyns block is wonderful and aren't we all grateful when our "pointy bits" are behaving!

  2. Thank you for the link - shared this on my Facebook page and will post it up on the blog, too.

  3. Love your comfort with teaching. These techniques are going to be useful! I am enjoying and learning a lot from your videos. Thank you!