Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Sew'n Wild Oaks Class was in Session

Hello Everyone,
Another good day in the classroom with all of my girls.  Kathy is adding to her collection of blocks for Country Corners.
She has stepped outside of the Patchwork Math book and designed some new blocks which aren't in the book.  This is what I love to see.  I like to plant seeds for ideas and the girls run with them.  This is safer than running with scissors!

Kaye has some beautiful color combinations for her little baskets which will be included in her For the Love of Baskets quilt.  She has a stack of baggies filled with her fabrics ready to be sewn.

Wendy is making good progress on her Lil' Orphan Scrappy quilt.  She is having fun selecting her fabrics,

So is Martie.  There are 76 blocks in the quilt.  I suggested to the girls that they make 19 different blocks, and make each one 4 times.  By the time you put the connecting triangles around them, (see center block above) all of the blocks are going to look so different.

Barbara is working on a block exchange quilt from 1994......and she is going to finish it!  She has finished so many this year already.  Anyway, she asked me about sashing.  I suggested she make Y-squares.  See how cute they look!  We calculated the size Barbara would need from the Patchwork Math book, and away she went.  Click HERE to watch the video on The Quilt and learn the formula to make them any size.  Click HERE to see my post about Y-squares.

Barbara B. is making a Lucy Boston block on steroids!  This is going to make a beautiful, beaded pillow when she's finished.

Karen completely finished her Nostalgic Christmas quilt! 

The center pictures was from a Moda line called Sentiments.  There were beautiful Christmas/Winter scenes in the line.  Karen built a frame around them and now she has a gorgeous quilt to display throughout the entire winter.

Barbara completely finished her Dresden table topper.  From design, to quilting to's done and so pretty.

My sister Gail wasn't able to be in class, but she brought in her two finished quilts on Saturday.  First up is For the Love of Baskets.  Now isn't this one gorgeous!!!  Again, my girls are finishers!

Lora Zmak quilted this beauty.   For some reason, my cell phone takes excellent pictures of quilting compared to my "expensive" camera.  This quilt is going to an heirloom.
This is Madrigal without the center applique.  My photography was definitely lacking when I took this picture.  The next time I see Gail, I'll be sure to get a better photo of this will love it and the quilting! I know what Gail is going to be doing for the next few days......binding, binding, and more binding.  It's a good thing football season is starting to keep her occupied during the games.

Well there you have it.....another day in the life of several quilters.  I'm so lucky I get to spend time with them, be related to them, and enjoy their company and talent!


  1. There are, as always some beautiful blocks and Gail's quilts are just fantabulastical.

  2. Oh wow, another fabulous post of remarkable projects by such talented folks!

  3. So much beauty! Gail has done an awesome job on her quilts and the quilting is really good. Those are definitely going to be heirlooms.

  4. Beautiful quilts! I'm pretty sure after viewing these I need the patchwork math book!