Thursday, August 13, 2015

Sewn'n Wild Oaks Class is in Session

Hello Everyone,
My girls definitely keep the machine quilters busy in this area!  Jeanne's gorgeous Country Charmer is ready to be quilted.

This amazing quilt is all finished!  This quilt combined many different techniques from a year long class.

There is a great amount of detail in each and every block.

Susan has her strips ready to start in on Grammy Squares.  She is using the Strip'n Sew that Mr. Joe makes.  He has some available for sale.  Send me an email if you are interested.  My email address is

Suzanne is going gangbusters on her Dresden quilt.  She is way ahead of me!  She drafted a fabulous border for this one too.

Judy is making good progress on her Grammy Squares quilt.  These little blocks refused to be rushed.  You just need to take your time and stitch on round after round.

Patty is making little blocks for her October Magic quilt.  The machine quilters in the valley are so "booked", Patty contacted a quilter to get this quilt on the schedule the beginning of October.  That way the quilt will be on display just in time for Fall.  Now she has a definite date set to finish this one.....and she will.

Gail is testing my Lil' Orphan Scrappy pattern.  Please note that her stripes are all going the same direction.  She knows it would drive me crazy if they didn't!

Jeanne is also making Grammy Squares.  Some of the fabrics are leftovers from her Country Charmer.

Paula is creating a beautiful Lucy Boston block.  These blocks are SO MUCH FUN to create!

Now Gail, my dear sister, was having a few issues with her quilting on Tuesday.  Patty, her table mate took matters into her own hands and tacked a gentle reminder on Gail's machine.  (She was going to put it on Gail's forehead, but then Gail couldn't read it!)

Have a great day of quilting and keep those right sides together!



  1. I want to make another Country Charmer - loved this pattern. And the Grammy Squares is set for a Fall project (coming fast). I laughed at the tape message - almost did this to my SIL who was having issues.

  2. Oh wow!! Lovely projects...all of them!!! Love the tape on the machine!! I had to chuckle...I would need pieces taped all over my sewing room!! ie...Do not put your magnetic pin container on top of your laptop! Very bad! Close the blade on the Rotary Cutter! Remember to shut off the was on the recorded section (it went into sleep mode...who knew?!) I could go on and on and on....:o))

  3. I just love seeing all that you and your girls are up to! Every single example is something that inspires me!

  4. Oh my much wonderful progress since my visit! Every one's work is stunning! So Gail wasn't having an early nip at the Zinfandel, was she? Or maybe she was thinking of having some fun at the cabin! Too funny - and it looks just like the notes around my sewing room!

  5. All creative perspectives of your patterns! I really am ashamed to admit I have sewn wrong sides together on occasion!

  6. See, I'm not the only one, Lynn! Thanks for keeping me company everyone!

  7. So much beauty in one post! And lots of giggles with the message on Gail's machine!

  8. I just love the Country Charmer pattern. So much eye candy in your post - I love them all! Some day I would like to try the Lucy Boston blocks...there will be more time in a day soon...right?

  9. Lots of loovely work there. The Lucy Boston block almost makes me feel I want to do some! Love Gail's note, I hope it helped?