Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Classy Sashing

Hello Everyone,
I've been MIA for a couple of days from Blogland.  I'm always working on something and this is the latest......classy sashing for my blocks that I've been making for The Quilt Show.

I wanted to come up with a sashing which also incorporated one of the components from my Patchwork Math book.  This is just a simple Y-square joined together to make a ribbon border.  (The brown squares you see in the corner is my chair.  I just stuck the block to it so I could take a picture.)

My block will finish at 9".  So 9" divided by 6" is 1-1/2".  Each little Y-square is 1-1/2" and when sewn together, the sashing will finish at 9".  I then stitched a little sashing strip to my sashing.  I will most likely add some crosshatching in that area when it comes time to machine quilt. The video showing you how to make the Y-square is located HERE at The Quilt

The Y-square is fun, easy to make, and just so versatile when it's incorporated into a block or sashing.  Best of all, there aren't any triangles!  It's made from squares.  So I'm going to whip up a batch of them today and make beautiful frames from my blocks. (I'd rather whip up a batch of brownies.....but Y-squares don't have any calories!)



  1. Your chair makes a beautiful block, Lynn! Sure you don't want to sacrifice it for the final block? I love your idea for block sashing - I've already played around with mine from that way from your Quilt Show segments. I have become much more adventurous from watching the segments, and also from reading your book!

  2. Great looking block and sashing, Lynn, and now you have a new design wall!

  3. Lynn your block and ribbon border is gorgeous!

  4. So Cool! You're such a little smarty! You are constant inspiration!

  5. We need a Mazey photo. She could model in front of a block or two.