Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Out of the Woods.....maybe?

Hello Everyone,

I've been receiving personal emails about the Butte fire which threated(s) the cabin, so here's an update.  I read the CalFire updates every day, and see that Arnold is still under Advisory Evacuation.

My friends have moved back to their lovely home, and remain vigilant, packed, and ready to leave in a moments notice.

The Butte Fire is now 45% contained.  There are 4,961 firefighters on the fire lines and in the air.  408 structures have burned.  Yesterday and overnight, the fire had minimal growth, thanks to the cooler weather and a little bit of rain, and the valiant work by the boots on the ground. 

In Between Stitches is gathering items together to take to the children and families in the Red Cross shelters.  You can read about HERE on their Facebook page.

I feel that our/your prayers have been answered.  I continue to pray for the firefighters and all of the displaced families and animals.

On another note, my nervous energy is focused on the quilt show in Georgetown on Saturday.  The birthday party for 40 people at my house on Sunday.  Then company which arrives next week from North Carolina.  Busy days ahead.




  1. This is some encouraging news. This has been a devastating week in so many areas. My prayers continue for your community and the hope of restoration.

  2. I too, have been reading the CalFire updates and I'm thrilled that the fire is at least 45% contained! We got some light rain here last night - hope your side of the Sierras did as well!

  3. Oh my goodness Lynn. Please accept my apologies for not being online to read this till now. I have been in my sewing room for days (you can imagine why) and am just now reading about your scary ordeal. So happy the cabin will be saved and you can continue your relaxing there and gather more memories.

  4. Such relief. I'm sure you'll have lots to talk about with the girls in Georgetown, besides quilts! If only we could get away a few days earlier...but our Diva Baby turns 1 on Saturday!

  5. Fires scare me so much. They really are awful. I'm glad the news is positive, and can't wait to hear that these are fully contained!

  6. Thank goodness. I know that you are not totally out of the woods but it sounds very hopeful; I'll continue to say a prayer that that is the case and that you get some rain as well.

  7. I'm glad that things are looking better for you and your area up in the hills!! Sorry I haven't commented earlier, but my older daughter ended up in the hospital after some complications to a surgery, And we've been focused on the fire just north of us and gathering things to send up to help, etc. That rain was such a blessing!!! It rained tons here: did you get much rain? I hope so! And hopefully things will still be on for your lovely retreat. I'm looking forward to it!! So sad that Nancy Ann can't make it, but I'm going up for my cousin's son wedding and I'm going to make sure to meet her. Did She or I tell you that she lives in the town that my Dad's family first settled in when they moved to Idaho? And she's only about 10 miles from their current home! Yay!! Quilty friends!! Hope all is well with you, your hubby and Mazie and Gail!! Can't wait to see you all!! Hugs, H