Saturday, October 15, 2016

PIQF Continued and the Pumpkin Patch

Hello Everyone,
On our way to the cabin yesterday, we stopped at a pumpkin patch outside of Oakdale, CA.  Wasn't it considerate of them to have the American flag flying for us?

Here is a picture of Gail with Quilt Sue.

All hexies.....WOW!

This quilt was made out of old linens. 

My friend Jane from Lakeport, made this quilt and won best of show for the Lady of the Lakes quilt show earlier this month.

We are having such a good time with Sue.  We have not been "bone idle" for a single minute of her visit.  Today should be a relaxing day around the cabin.  We started a puzzle yesterday which will be fun to work on during our much needed rain storm today.  Maybe I'll do some quilting today in advance of the retreat.  You haven't seen me take a stitch on anything in weeks!

Toodle pip,


  1. More fabulous quilts - thank you for the close up of the linen one - was trying to see it better and just LOVE.

  2. Quilt Sue looks pretty good alongside that American flag! Is she working on Mr. Fixit to permanently jump the pond yet?

  3. Hello Lynn,
    a warm Thank you very mutch for showing all this beautyful quilts.
    xxx Doris

  4. Hello Lynn,

    Once again a dazzling display of quilts, thanks for sharing. Fun photo's of you and Sue.

    Happy days.