Friday, October 14, 2016

Pacific International Quilt Festival 2016

Hello Everyone,
Yesterday morning Quilt Sue, Gail, and co-worker Ann, headed off to Pacific International Quilt Festival in Santa Clara, CA.  It truly is like drinking out of a quilting fire hose.  I took so many pictures that I will be showing them over two days.

Our first stop was the at the Ladies of the Lake guild opportunity quilt, Lil' Orphan Scrappy.

Now for the show.  After about the first 15 minutes, Sue said she wanted to leave as she felt completely inadequate. 

This was my favorite quilt.

Details, details, details.

2000 hours of machine quilting.

This entire quilt was made out of ties.

Interesting use of hexies.

I zoomed in to many of the quilts to highlight the machine quilting.  I have a folder on my computer with just machine quilt ideas.

More pictures tomorrow.  We are off to the cabin today to prepare for the next retreat.  What a whirlwind of quilting activity!
Toodle pip,


  1. Beautiful, gorgeous, awesome quilts. You ladies enjoy your retreat.

  2. I don't know if inadequate is the right word! Wow! I feel like I've fallen off a cliff with just a peek at all the gorgeous workmanship! Have fun at the cabin...I expect to hear laughter all the way up here!

  3. Thank you for posting pix of PIQF. Can't get away with a whirl wind of quilty things going on here too. Hoping to make your retreat next year. Miss you

  4. Gorgeous pieces! Happy Friday ♥