Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Sew'n Wild Oaks Retreat Day Two

Hello Everyone,
Day two started off with a chuckle when so many of the girls showed up in their jammies.

Workstations were set up and the quilting began in earnest.

My lectures started at 9am.

We had a delicious brunch.

A walk around the lake was in order after our brunch.

Gail was queen for the day since it was her birthday.  She was in the lifeguard's chair and was going to save us all!

The floating dock almost capsized with all of us on board.  It started to list......and we scrambled to keep it upright.

 We have a little bit of fall color around the lake.

Sue actually braved the threat of bears and walked around the lake in the afternoon.

Nancy from Nancie Anne Quilts is also at the retreat. She entertained us with her very own parade of quilts.

Nancy was a pattern tester for Quilt Sue.  Here are two versions of Sue's Red Sprinkles pattern.

Four deer heard the laughter and came by to check out what was going on at the lodge.

Here's a panoramic shot of our work area.

Here are Sue's Sexie Hexie blocks.  More on this as we watch it grow.

Off we go today for another fun day at the retreat.

Toodle pip,


  1. We should have photographed Honey Bee Sprinkles after I connected the binding ends. She kinda looks like her bra straps are hanging out! ;-p

  2. That looks like wonderful fun. Love the PJ's ladies!

  3. Happy Birthday to Gail! No better present than sewing in your jammies with all your quilty friends!

  4. What a wonderful retreat you are having! Happy Birthday to Gail! That cake sure looks yummy. Love the quilty treasures Nancie Anne brought along too!

  5. Happy birthday Gail!!! Looks like this was the retreat that I should have been at: so many familiar faces!! Tell everyone hi for me! Stay warm and safe!! No "bear" huggin' allowed!! :-) Hugs, H