Friday, April 14, 2017

Almost Showtime Again

Hello Everyone,

No quilting has been happening under the oaks at Sew'n Wild Oaks over the past week.  It's been prep time for two quilt shows.  Amador Valley Quilt Show is April 22nd and 23rd.  Then I head to the show in Grass Valley the first weekend in May.

For years I've been thinking about making note cards using pictures of my quilts.  We go on many photo shoots, and I have lots of material to work with.  (Pun intended!)

Yesterday was the day to begin, and my office became a print shop.
Shameless self promotion and advertising is on the back of each card.

My granddaughter Emily, is going to come over tomorrow and we are going to package up the note cards in groups of 10 in clear, plastic boxes, with a gold, stretchy bow.  As I get more sophisticated with my production, I plan on having seasonal assortments.  I'll see how they sell at the first two shows before going into massive, professional production. 

I know I send out a ton of handwritten notes......but does anyone else?  I'll find out soon.  I'm still refining my final price point.  As I've been vending at shows for the past several years, I'm finding shoppers are looking for lower price points. 

At one point in time yesterday I felt like a real geek in my office.  I had three printers working at the same time!  I was printing out materials for my Patchwork Math class next Monday on my big printer.  The laser was printing patterns, and my small, photo quality printer was printing note cards.  It was a 3-ring circus!  I did feel highly productive for hours. 

Today I have Easter preparations to attend to as the entire 'gang' will be here for brunch.  Our annual, Wilder softball game may be a rain out this year.  I don't know how this tradition got started, but we only play softball on Easter.  The little boys are always the captains, and they always pick their dad as the first member of their team.  Grammy and Poppy are falling farther and farther behind during team selection, no matter how pleadingly we look at the little boys.  Maybe I should put some black paint under my eyes, chew, spit, scratch, and really play the role of a baseball player to be selected early in the process.  I'll let you know if that works for me.  They would probably think me stark raving mad, and know that I've finally lost all of my marbles.

At Little League the other night, Jess hit a triple, a single, and was Superman out in the field.  All of his heroics landed him the game ball.  Since his Dad, our son, is the coach, Jess has to work really hard to be deserving of the game ball.  Our son doesn't want to play favorites.  Jess' smile says it all.
So let's all knock it out of the park today and have a great day and weekend.



  1. What a wonderful idea! I particularly like the one with the Clydesdale! I am happy to hear that you too send out hand written notes. It is unfortunately a dying activity in this electronic world. Happy Easter to you and your family.

  2. it is a great idea Lynn. Yes I do still do hand written cards. I know I always enjoy getting them so I send them out. You are one busy girl. Have a beautiful Easter and be careful running those bases.

  3. I love your cards. They're so reflective of you, your work, and of quilting overall! Good note cards are sometimes hard to find. One more question: RE "Maybe I should put some black paint under my eyes, chew, spit, scratch, and really play the role of a baseball player". Will we see this on a funny card too??

  4. Happy Easter to you and all your family!

  5. I love note cards, quilty ones and kitty ones in particular. Hope yours go over big at the shows so they might be made available to all! Lol!

  6. How do you sign up for your quilting blog?