Sunday, February 3, 2019

Sew Everyday

Hello Everyone,
My feeble attempt at trying to sew everyday works best if I prepare something to work on every evening.  I really want to make a queen size quilt using the blocks from my Cute as a Button pattern.  It is going to take hundreds of little blocks.

I'm trying to prepare a bunch of 9-patches every night so I can spend one hour in the morning putting them together.

The pile on my sewing machine turns into this in no time at all.  Slowly but surely, I will get them made. 

I'm still getting ready for the Folsom Quilt Show.   I made my to-do list of everything that needs to be completed over the next few days.  My list is divided into two sections.  I'm working on everything that involves electricity first.  We are supposed to get a ton of snow over the next couple of days, and that means the power will most likely go off.  We have a generator, but we don't run it until we really need it.

My other list includes stuffing patterns, folding fabric, pricing, and tagging bundles, and hand stitching a hanging sleeve on a quilt.  That task I'm saving for the Super Bowl......if we have power to watch the Super Bowl!  Yesterday our cable, Internet and TV all went out for a bit.  

Yesterday, I added an additional vine of quilting around the new table topper.  I had already put the binding on, and thought it needed more....just more of something.  I'm much happier now with a feathered vine.

If you don't hear from me over the next few days you'll know that we are snowed in with no contact with the outside world......and there's nothing wrong with that!



  1. Good morning my friend!!! I wish you a wonderful day of everything you wanted to do!!!!!

  2. Busy hands are happy hands - right?

  3. Love the block and the quilting on the pumpkin table topper!

  4. I have ordered your pattern `Cute as a Button` and so look forward to this coming and using some of my scraps. Happy Stitching.

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    1. Hi Lynn - I love your "Cute As A Button". It may take awhile to make a bed spread but oh how wonderful it will be. You are working so hard. Have a cozy week Lynn.

  6. So much fun to watch your tiny 9 patches grow...your pattern/and my starter bin of strips is next to my sewing machine - calling out to start - have to stayed focused on finishing up something else first. We are totally ice covered here in the northwoods.

  7. Slow and steady wins the race. I have every confidence that these adorable blocks will be a queen size quilt in no time!