Sunday, February 10, 2019

Sunday Morning Quilt Show

Hello Everyone,
This morning quilt show is brought to you by the extremely talented quilted in the Folsom Quilt Guild.  The first quilt is a wonderful representation of California.  Such amazing details!

The last three days have been very busy for us in the booth.  Today is the last day and take down will begin at 4pm.  We extended our stay for another night in the hotel since we would be foolish to try to drive home in the dark and snow tonight to get back to the cabin.
So many wonderful friends old and new have stopped by the booth for a hug and a quick conversation.  As I go to more guilds and shows, the circle of acquaintances has grown. 
Thank you all for your past comments.  I haven't had enough time to respond to all of you personally.
......and we are off for day three!


  1. You shared some of my favorites! Enjoy the rest of the show and safe travels tomorrow!!!

  2. It was fun getting to meet both you and Gail and I hope I will see you again soon. Also travel safely.

  3. Wow, lots of talent with this group. Stunning quilts.

  4. Great to spend some time with you, Gail, Nanci and Chris. Gorgeous booth set-up and can’t wait to start “Cute as a Button”! Safe travels to home!

  5. WOW What wonderful quilts. Thanks for sharing

  6. Thx for sharing some beautiful quilts - the most striking is the Lone Star - someone really did well on the colorway, unless it was a kit!

  7. The quilts are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Safe drive home to rest and relax.

  8. Thanks for the eye candy. What a great show!