Saturday, November 9, 2019

Sew'n Wild Oaks Retreat Part Three

Hello Everyone,
This is going to be the last installment for the October Sew'n Wild Oaks Retreat.  I think I should have T-shirts made that say, "I Survived The 2019 Sew'n Wild Oaks Retreat!"  The quilters survived the biggest power outage of the year, low temperatures, and no bathrooms.  But, we all have a great story to tell with memories and camaraderie to last a lifetime.
This is a picture heavy post of the girls and their quilts.  My sister Gail, brought her Zinnie's Choice quilt to share.

Some of the girls stayed at one of the two motels in Arnold.  Laurie and Nancie had heat, hot water, but no power.  They said they weren't able to do their hair in the morning, so I provided them with hats to wear.  What good sports!  I didn't expect them to wear the hats most of the day.....but they did!

Here are some of the projects they girls worked on during the retreat.



More sharing.  The evening show and tells were off the charts impressive. 

I always like to take table-mate pictures of the girls.  In some cases, the pictures are of house-mates.

This quartet always has a great time!

The girls were modelling the aprons that Candace made for us.  This is the group that stayed at my cabin.  They are doing their best figure skating pose.  Next they will be performing a double axle!

It was pretty chilly during the retreat.  Normally the group will walk around the Snowflake Lade a couple of times a day.  Not this year. 

One day during the retreat, there was one mama bear and three cubs doing the backstroke in the lake.  This is a great picture of a paw print compared to a tennis shoe. Now they believe me when I told them about the many bears in the area.

The Plaidettes perform every year.  This year was no exception, and we were wonderful!  We have definitely refined our act and realized that we can't sing and dance at the same time. 

We stick to singing.  The songs this year all pertained to wind, since wind was the reason for the power shut off.  Here is an example of our playlist:  Windy, Blowin' in the Wind, Catch the Wind, and we closed with a rousing rendition of Mariah.  Did I mention how wonderful we were?

Here's the entire group of retreaters.  What a glorious group of women! Steadfast, resilient, strong, kind, and supportive are just a few of the adjectives I would use to describe them.

 The final day of the retreat landed on Halloween.  I'm completely fascinating in my fascinator!

The fireplace kept us warm throughout the 4-days.  The chef kept us well fed.  The Blue Lake Springs staff met our every need.  In the beginning of this post I mentioned that we didn't have a bathroom....let me tell you why.  The septic system didn't have a generator hooked up to the pump. All of the porta potties by the lake had already been removed for the winter. During the retreat, we had hourly runs down to my cabin.  (Runs is a poor choice of words....oh well!)  Do you have any idea how often 34 women of a certain group need to use the bathroom?  Well let me tell you that I was running out of TP at the cabin.  I rummaged through the linen closet and found a Charmin mega roll six pack.  I've never been so excited in my life over TP!

So another retreat is one for the record book.  A retreat full of good times shared with good friends.  We were all blessed to be able to share this time with each other.  Quilting brought us together, and our love and friendship will keep us together.




  1. Whew. You had a lot on your plate beyond your control. Sounds like you handled it all very well.

  2. It was truly a trip to remember . It was loaded with fun - laughter-great food-friendship and even some quilting was done. When I leave I feel like I have friendship withdrawal. It is the best. Thank you Lynn!!

  3. I Heard Quilters Exclaim Driving out of the "Hive": Happy Quilting to All and to All a Safe Drive!!
    Great Retreat Lynn!! Thank you!!!!!

  4. What a great time with a great group of ladies. The projects were fantastic and the comraderie spectacular. Every single one of you & the quilters were so lucky to have such great friends.

  5. So much fun!! Glad you all survived the power outage and even made it fun! Those were some great quilts too! Glad I didn't have to make it through the bathroom experience though!! :-) Hugs, H