Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Madrigal Class

Hello Everyone,

You've probably been wondering what happened to me! Well, I've been busy working and teaching my Madrigal design at the shop.

Six very talented and capable quilters showed up at the shop bright and early Tuesday morning with their sewing machines, fabric, rulers and just about every tool one can imagine and started working on their new project.
Judy was a step ahead of the group and had all of her hourglass units completed prior to the class.  She started construction on her blocks immediately.

Everything was organized in baggies and colors were coordinated.

Nanci had a lot of her applique pieces ready to go.
Ann concentrated on her hourglass units for the center of the blocks and completed all of them.

Kathy had her fabric ready.
Once the aroma of lunch was in the air,  Harley, the shop's dog, came to see what all of us had on our plates.  He thought Kathy's lunch looked particularly inviting.

Judy started working on her flanges.
Julie had centers completed and started working on her coordinating squares.
Carol has her beautiful border fabric and selected her flange material.
Harley left Kathy alone long enough so she could start working on her blocks.

Lots of little trimmings from the hourglass sections.
Blocks started to appear on the walls like magic.

The class will meet again in a month.  Homework was assigned!  I'll be posting some gorgeous quilts next month at this time.  Thank you ladies for a great day at the shop.

As always,



  1. Looks like a fun group. So lucky to work with you for the day. I can't wait to see all the different versions.

  2. Great pic's, love the enthusiasm of your group, including Harley. Looking forward to seeing the different color ways.

  3. Lynn I missed this when it was first posted... I've got your pattern and I keep loving it! So beautiful! I wish I could work faster so I could do this! I've got two quilts one for a wedding I've got to get to and of course UFO's. One day! Thanks for the pictures... So inspirational ....
    Love your blog...