Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Old Toolboxes

Hello Everyone,

I have a "thing" for old toolboxes.  Whenever I find them, no matter what condition they are in, I usually buy them if the price is right.  I never have enough fabric here at the cabin.  I'm always longing for something that I know I have at home.  Prior to this trip, I filled one whole toolbox with fat quarters from home. I'm going to turn this glorious collection of misfits and scraps into glorious blocks for the Civil War version of Summer's Blush.  I can tell from this pictures that I didn't bring many greens....oh well, I just won't be making many green blocks this week.

I already had this toolbox here with fabrics for an Autumn quilt.  Occasionally I've dipped into this batch when I needed something, but I really need to add to the box.  I think in my effort to tidy up my sewing room, I'll divide my fabric and bring part of it up here permanently.  But the issue now becomes, where to put it once it is here.  I think another pie safe is in my future!

Joe always has all of his "tools" here at the cabin.  I'm always carting my "tools" back and forth.  The budget doesn't allow to have two Bernina's!  A vast selection of fabric is one of my "tool"s, my color crayons for me to create my quilts.  Lucky for me Joe understands!  He doesn't complain when he has to carry the heavy Bernina through the ice and snow for the umteenth time.  Or the bags (and I do mean bags) of fabric back and forth along with my basket full of quilting supplies.  I think I'll keep him!  (I haven't asked him to cart my 12 foot Handiquilter up here......I do know my limits and space constraints.)

I hope you all have a wonderful day and week playing with your quilting tools.

As always,



  1. Joe sounds like a keeper to me!! Hauling sewing machines can be so cumbersome. I love your storage idea. Perfect and it looks so nice too.

  2. I love the tool boxes! Where do you find them? Antique shops? I need one for my sewing room!