Saturday, January 8, 2011

What a Difference a Flange Makes.....

Hello Everyone,

I had a bit of time yesterday to work on the new Summer's Blush.  I've been auditioning different fabrics for the sashing and the flange.  I put everything out on the floor to get a better overall picture of how this quilt was coming together.  (I don't have a design wall at the cabin....nothing sticks to logs.) Compare the first two images.  What a difference just a little check on the diagonal makes on this block!  Yes, it takes more time, but it is well worth the effort.

This block looks so plain to fact it looks unfinished.  It definitely needs a flange or 'eyelash' as some quilter's call it.

I'm using a lot of Civil War reproduction fabrics in this quilt.  Some of them are quite old, but I still love them just the same.  The fabrics were in my quilting cupboard shouting out, "pick me, pick me!"  When I find fabric that I really like, I will buy 2-3 yards of it.  The black fabric is a recent Bonnie Blue Basic.  The ruffled-looking caramel-colored fabric and the flange material is a Jo Morton fabric from Andover.  The tan background fabric is called Chelsea Boutique from Blackbird Designs.  Sometimes it is hard to find an attractive, tone on tone background.  When I find one, I'll pick up 3-4 yards of it since I know it will not go to waste.

The blocks go together very quickly compared to the flowers in the setting triangles.  I have about 20 hexagon flower made that need to be sewn together and appliqued to the background.  Sounds like a good job while we drive down out of the mountains today.

I hope all of you enjoy your weekend.  I know I will since the football playoffs begin today. I'll be cheering for the underdogs while workings on flowers.

As always,



  1. Beautiful! And you are right - the flange makes a big difference.

  2. WOW! The flange makes you huge difference. I'm so glad that you showed it both ways. So worth the extra effort. I really love these colors. ICANN wait to see it all together!

  3. It was so interesting to see the 2 photos together. Thank you.

  4. Your quilt is gorgeous and I just love the flange and what a difference it made! I'll have to keep that in mind now.

  5. You're absolutely right, the "flange" makes a huge difference! I never would have thought of it because I've never heard of it. Do you add it like a border? Or, do you applique it? Love what you're doing with this quilt.

  6. You are so talented .I love to see what new ideas you have developed into another gorgeous quilt. Yes, the flange really makes the block, without it the block doesn't seem quite finished. I used to wonder how much fabric to buy when I had no set plan for it, I too now by 2 1/2 - 3 metres if I really like it(yards are a tiny bit smaller than a metre but close enough).Happy New Year to you!