Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Vintage Christmas

Hello Everyone,

One of the best things about working in a quilt shop is seeing the fantastic quilts completed by our customer's. This beauty, and I mean beauty, was made by Helen from Stockton, CA.  The picture I took, doesn't convey just how gorgeous this quilt is!  This is a Bunny Hill design called Vintage Christmas.  The quilting was done by Victoria from Creative Quilts in Galt, CA.

There is incredible detail throughout the whole quilt from the design, to the applique to the quilting.  I swear I could hear this sheep baaing!  So lifelike and cute!

Makes me want to start another project to have for Christmas next year!!!  Oh dear, here I go again....and the kit is for sale at the shop too!  

I'm so glad that I was at the shop today to meet you ladies and see THE QUILT!  Beautiful, just beautiful.

As always,



  1. You are right, that is simply gorgeous every which way!

  2. You got that right! What an amazing quilt!! Just beautiful applique and the quilting...stunning. I love it!! Thanks so much for posting it. That's a great example of quilting designs.

  3. what a gorgeous quilt. Now I wish I would have gone to the shop yesterday instead of putting my Christmas things back in boxes and cleaning the house. Well, the house looks good. Hope to see you next week.