Monday, October 15, 2012

Double Flying Geese Tutorial

Hello Everyone,
I have received a couple of requests to make a tutorial showing how to make the double flying geese four at a time.  I'm the queen of multi-tasking and I'm killing three birds with one stone.  I'll hand the tutorial out at my class Tuesday, my class Wednesday and I'll post it to the blog!
Here are the cutting directions to make (4) 2" x 3-1/2" unfinished flying geese.  When your project is completed, they will measure 1-1/2" x 3" finished.
First, start by cutting:
(1) 4-1/2" x 4-1/2" square from a dark fabric.  In this case it is the red
(4) 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" squares from a medium fabric.  In this case it is the green
(8) 2" x 2" squares from a light fabric


Place (2)  2-1/2" x 2-1/2" squares, on top of the red square right side together.  Using a 1/4" Omnigrid ruler, draw a line on each side of the ruler.

Stitch directly on the marked line.

Cut between the lines.

Press toward the smaller triangles.

Place another 2-1/2" square on the unit.  Draw lines on each side of the ruler and stitch directly on the lines.

Cut between the lines.

Press toward the smaller triangle.

Using a Bloc-Loc ruler (or regular ruler) trim to 2" x 3-1/2".  The Bloc-Loc ruler assures absolute accuracy.

Now, place (1) light 2" x 2" square on the trimmed flying geese. Draw a line, diagonally from corner to corner and stitch directly on the line NOT 1/4" from the line.

Trim 1/4" away from the stitched line.

Press toward the small triangle.

Repeat procedure on the other side.  Mark, stitch and trim.

Press toward the small triangle.  Continue with the remaining three geese, and before you know it, four will be completed in no time.

Compare the two pictures, and you can tell the difference the value of the color makes in the two pictures.  Using a darker medium changes the overall look of the geese.

Give them a try.  They are fun and easy to make.




  1. Does the shop carry the Bloc Loc ruler???

  2. Thanks, I've long wondered how to make these. And I love the Bloc Loc rulers - so great for accuracy.

  3. Awesome! Thanks so much!

    Cheery wave!


  4. Thanks for the tutorial. I love how something as simple as connector corners can create new blocks. Glad to see you back, and as inventive as ever. Great pictures, enjoyed them immensely

  5. Thanks Lynn...Only you could figure out how to turn (2) "little foxes" into (4) "flying geese"!

    Welcome back..your pictures are beautiful!!


  6. Thanks Lynn,
    This tut will come in very handy soon when I need to make some Flying Geese.
    Julia ♥

  7. Oh, thank you so much, Lynn! It's nice to see this great block made by you! And thanks to you, I can no longer live without the wonderful Bloc-Loc rulers!