Saturday, October 20, 2012

Halloween Pillow

Hello Everyone,
I get some of my best ideas in the shower or in the middle of the night.....Halloween pillows from my Christmas pillow pattern was the idea that recently hit me in the middle of the night.


I put this on my quilting machine so I could be a little fancier with my quilting.  One of my daughters-in-law loves to decorate for Halloween, so this will make a nice Christmas present for her to use next year.  I love adding a touch of purple in my Halloween projects.

You know you can find anything online.  I found some great, FREE images HERE at Magic Moonlight Studio.  There are some wonderful vintage postcards for Halloween and Christmas that you can download and use to make pillows, or a quilt, or use in other projects.

If you find an image you like, here are the steps to download it to your computer:

1)  Right-hand mouse click on the image
2)  Save the image somewhere on your computer where you can find it again
3)  Import the image into Microsoft Word
4)  Resize it to 5-1/2" X 7-1/2"
5)  Print the image on Printed Treasures fabric/paper in an inkjet printer on the highest quality setting

Now my sewing room is really a mess with Christmas fabric clashing with the Halloween fabric.  Today I need to spend some time organizing before we head off to watch our granddaughter cheer at the Pop Warner football game.  I love a football game on a crisp Autumn evening.  Who cares about the game, give me an apple cider and a hot dog, two of my grand kids, and I'm good!


P.S. GO GIANTS!  What a ballgame last night.


  1. Thanks for the info on how to print out an image. That was going to be my next question. You are so full of ideas and answers, Lol.

  2. Wonderful Halloween quilt and thanks for the info!

  3. Genius, Lynn! I'm all over it! Have a great time at the game - hopefully your granddaughter will cheer them to a win!

  4. too funny..the shower! That is were i get by best ideas...and i thought i was really weird! Glad to know i'm in good company!!

  5. Love that custom printed fabric! The kitten is so cute and really adds a tip top touch. :-) I'm sure she will adore it.

  6. Hi, thanks for sharing your great idea! What a great idea and of course I have to try it as well. Happy New Year!