Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sew'n Wild Oaks Class - October

Hello Everyone,

We had our own mini-quilt show in the classroom at In Between Stitches yesterday.  Kay is almost finished with her beautiful version of Party in the Garden. All of the girls and I helped Kay pick out her borders.  I'll bet she'll have them sewn on by our next class meeting. Great job Kay.

Barbara has four more blocks to add to her collection of Minglewood blocks.  I knew she would enjoy making these and she is!  All of her stripes are lining up beautifully. 

My sister Gail is moving right along on her blocks for Nostalgic Christmas. Her quilt is going to be so pretty. She is going to let me borrow all of her blocks so I can use them as examples when I'm teaching this class today.  She too is having fun making her blocks.  Each block is so different and they work together so well.

Paula is finishing up her house for Party in the Garden.  Paula taught me an easier way to make the steps.....the hardest part of the whole block.  I think I learn more from the girls than they learn from me.

Isabelle is adding tulips to Winterset.  This is a fabulous idea!  I can't wait to see her quilt top and her progress next month.  Isabelle is turning into a quilt designer.

Kay brought in her finished, center section for Madrigal.  She did some wonderful fancy stitching on the vase in a crosshatch pattern that looks great!

Kaye with an E, has six blocks finished for Buttonwood and she started working on block number seven in class.  Kaye and I could shop in each other's stashes, our tastes in fabric are one in the same.

Evelynne is working on her hexies for Winter's Warmth. My rule of thumb is, "An Hour Per Flower" and there are 36 hexies on this quilt.  An hour here, an hour there, and her flowers will be finished.  She is making these with 1/2" hexagon papers.

Kathy is finishing up her Party in the Garden quilt and is down to the corner baskets.

Kathy is using 1/4" hexagon papers for her flowers.  LOOK HOW TINY THESE ARE!  I had to put the quarter out so you could have an idea of scale.  Kathy is an absolute perfectionist and her work is amazing.

So there you have it.  What a beautiful day in the classroom.  The girls really kept me on my toes and I had to get the calculator out a couple of times to help them figure out some adjustments in quilt and block sizes.  I actually had to engage my brain!  This could be dangerous you know.

I'm off to the shop again this morning with my sister's blocks to teach Nostalgic Christmas.  Another day, another group of girls in class eager to make beautiful projects for Christmas.  This is going to be fun and I feel so fortunate that I am spending my time is such good company.




  1. I'm with Darlene in the Wow department. Stunning projects.

  2. Your talented ladies continue to outdo themselves, Lynn! Such amazing work!

  3. Beautiful work by all the ladies!

  4. 1/4" hexies!! Wow - pretty nifty. I don't know if my fingers could do those.

  5. I loved reading your post today and seeing all those gorgeous projects! What fun you all have when you get together. Of course, my favorite is Nostalgic Christmas...I better soon start playing with my fabrics!