Monday, July 8, 2013

A Trip to the "Mid-Century" Flea Market

Hello Everyone,
Yesterday was our annual trip to the Flea Market at the Alameda Pointe Antiques Faire on the island of Alameda in San Francisco Bay.  From vintage to industrial.....they have it.

There are over 800 vendors.  It's exhausting!  We walked for miles....and miles.....and miles.

There are many booths with vintage linens.

Vintage quilts.

Vintage quilt blocks.

Who would want to buy old toilet floats?

We lost track of how many mannequins we saw for sale.

This was a cute booth and the old Singer machine was in good shape.  I saw lots of Featherweights too.

I loved this light made out of chicken feeders and I thought it would look great at the cabin.  But $600.00!!!! Mr. Joe can make one for me as soon as we find all the parts and pieces.  Now we are on the hunt for chicken feeders.  We already have the horse apparatus.  Hey Nancy, from Nancie Anne Quilts in Idaho, do have any chicken feeders in your barn that you would like to sell?  Does anyone out there in blogland have chicken feeders like these?

I thought the quilts were rather pricey.

Great colors in this quilt.

From stop lights to quilts to bird feeders, this booth had it all.

We could see the fog and the skyline of San Francisco while we walked.

I should have bought this sign and put it over the door to my sewing room.

I overheard the words "mid-century" over and over again.  Didn't those sweet, little, trendy girlie girls know that I was born in the Mid-Century!  I'm a walking billboard flashing the words mid-century, mid-century.   I felt like saying, "Honey, come on over to my house if you want to see mid-century!"

What did I buy you're wondering?  Not a thing except for a sandwich.  I think the bread was made in the mid-century!



  1. Haha - sorry about your bread! I can not even imagine 800 vendors! I think I would quickly go into overload mode!

  2. I wish I was there. Looks amazing.

  3. What a great day to enjoy such a great event. I hope some treasures came home with you.

  4. No chicken feeders...of that sort anyway! Just the old milking machine thats still mounted on the wall...some old a vintage pair of skis...
    someday perhaps, a featherweight will find me...I never seem to be in the right place at the right time!

  5. Hah - I'm with you on the mid-century - I AM mid-century! Hey - I want those toilet balls - I have a great idea for a garden art piece! And I will keep my eye out around town for some of those chicken feeders just in case the two of you roll through! What fun day - wish we had something like that here, Lynn!

  6. I love those sorts of places too, but definitely only a "looking lass" these days, as I've enough stuff at home. I'm also midcentury, just about exactly, being born in the latter half of 1949. If I did have chicken feeders, I think it would be too far to send them, but maybe QuiltSue could find some and bring them in her luggage.(giggle).

    1. Hi Susan,
      For some strange reason, Sue wasn't too keen on your idea about putting the chicken feeders in her luggage! She could wear them on her head then I'd have an easier time finding her at the airport. Thanks so much for commenting. ~~Lynn

  7. Wow! I think that flea market was probably bigger than our town! It sure looks like it would be a fun way to spend the day. Didn't realize there were so many vintage? quilts out there! Guess I'm vintage too, but who's counting! Thanks for sharing your day!

  8. We have a "flea market" at the local race track twice a year. Last year a gentleman sold a featherweight for $15. I love the vintage linens.

  9. Hello Lynn,

    So that is where our old front fence ended up?? I am sure someone will make something out of those toilet things,maybe they should have named them something else. I can't get over that there were 800 stalls, imagine it all being set up. I have bought old ladders at Garage Sales, they make great plant climbers etc in the garden.
    Thanks for sharing Lynn.

    Happy days.

  10. How fun is that! I love antique faires. Most of the quilts I see are overpriced, and usually pretty worn, tho.

    -- from another mid-century gal --

  11. That looks like an interesting day out, but I always think the prices people are asking these days are too high, but then I guess we all overvalue our own houses when we want to sell, and cars too, so it's the same sort of thing. Oh, and NO, I am not bringing chicken feeders over - imagine trying to explain that to the customs man!

  12. I've been wanting to go to that flea market for quite awhile now, but you've got me thinking that it must be very similar to Rose Bowl or Long Beach swap meets in that they are popular so the vendors believe they can justify higher prices. Guess I'll skip it, although it's always fun to go see what they offer, and just keep going to LB and RB.