Monday, July 22, 2013

Country Charmer Hits the Road

Hello Everyone,
My Country Charmer quilts spent a weekend at a quilt show in Oregon and now they will be traveling to the International Quilt Show in Long Beach, California with Janet from The Quilt House.

The Quilt House is a fabulous shop located in Gardnerville, Nevada.  It is always a special treat to visit The Quilt House.  Mr. Joe and I pack up a picnic lunch and the dog and drive over the very scenic Ebbetts Pass, elevation 9,000 feet, in the high Sierras and make our way to Gardnerville from the cabin.  There are much easier ways to get there if you are in the Lake Tahoe area, but we like the windy, narrow mountain road over the pass and then wind our way along the Carson River.  The pass closes for the winter, so we make our trek over the  pass and through the Quaking Aspens in the Fall before the first flakes fall.  One time we drove over the pass in the convertible without checking the weather forecast first.  I bought a ladder at an antique shop to display my quilts, so we just put the top down and had the ladder sticking out.  All was fine until it started to rain and snow.  It makes for a great story, but we were a little wet by the time we got back to the cabin.

The Quilt House is just "my style".  I love it!  The shop is gorgeous.  It is beautifully decorated with bolts and bolts of luscious fabric displayed on every shape and size of antiques......from large old sleds to wrought iron beds. You will be warmly greeted by the helpful staff then you begin exploring the treasures inside the shop.  I found the shop when it was featured in Quilt Sampler Magazine....and I'm so glad I did!

I've been very quiet over the weekend.  My trusty laptop had to spend the night in the computer hospital with a nasty virus.  So much for anti-virus software!  Hopefully it can be fixed and will return home today. I'm using Mr. Joe's toy computer which is better than nothing.....but I'm very limited in what I can do computing-wise.  I have a pattern and a resource manual to write!  I need my real computer.  I'm off to work this morning.  I can't wait to see what new "goodies" have arrived at the since I worked last Monday.



  1. Man, I love this quilt!! Worth the long drive...about 4 days worth...just to see it!! The shop sounds wonderful too!

  2. Gosh they look great on display! And to see the two next to each other is very inspirational.

  3. Catching up on all your doings! I'm sure the country charmer quilts got lots of oooos and aaaahhhhs!! Sounds like a wonderful quilt shop - maybe I can visit it someday! I'm loving all your blocks and stitches for Harvest of Hope!! So lovely, warm and inviting!! The ping pong table is great!! Praying your wrist and hands are full speed now! Hope the computer is home soon - always a little inconvenient when it is away!

    Have a blessed day!!

  4. Your quilts look great on display, should help sell a lot of patterns. I hope your computer recovers quickly and completely! It is always tough to be without now that we've come to depend on them.

  5. Your Country Charmer display is magnificent! The patterns will jump off the shelves! Looks like a fabulous shop...but be careful driving over that pass! Your ladder story was probably a little scary to experience! Sorry to hear about your computer woes...hope all will be fixed soon!

  6. your quilt is beautiful. glad they are showing it

  7. How great to show the 2 next to each other - it really shows off the versatility of your design.

    I hope your pooter is feeling better now?

  8. Woo Hoo!! I get to see the quilt in person. I can't wait!!!

  9. I have always loved this quilt pattern of yours. The 2 quilts look great next to each other, what fun having your work travelling to these shows, congratulations.

  10. Two things I love - a good road trip and an even better road show! Wait - #3 would be your Country Charmers, Lynn! Glad you had a rain/snow free trip this time!