Saturday, July 27, 2013

Progressing Slowly

Hello Everyone,
Progress is slow, but at least I'm moving in the right direction.

I've also been working on the directions and tracing the applique blocks for the printer. Details, details, details.

Busy day today and I'll post more when I have the time.  My September deadlines are approaching far too quickly.  I may hibernate for a week and chain myself to my computer and sewing machine.  Speaking of computers, it seems to have recovered from the nasty virus. I got it back from the computer hospital good.



  1. Awesome. I love the sunflower! Your use of hibernation sounds a bit like work.

  2. It is so beautiful....I just love it.....maybe working on a fall quilt will make me think we have cool has been so hot up here in the mountains.....all I can do is stay in the house and quilt or knit.....

  3. Your progress doesn't seem slow to me! Now 'Me', that's what you call

    I love looking at this top, the colors are FAB!!!

  4. Stumbled on your blog today, and gosh what you are working on is lovely. The colors are just gorgeous! And it all looks so nice together!

  5. Slow and steady wins the race! Love all the extras you are adding...gorgeous!

  6. Beautiful. Makes me want to do some applique....soon I hope, but have a few other projects that I want to complete first. Love the pumpkins. Fall is my favorite season.

  7. Your fall quilt is beautiful. Great use of fabrics. Is it your own design or a pattern?

  8. Slow progress is better than no progress! As for deadlines, just say phooey to them. I know you'll get everything done in time for everything they have to be done for. I'm looking forward to my visit in September - I just suddenly thought, am I one of the deadlines?

  9. I sure wish my garden looked that good, Lynn! I am going to have to start planting more of those plaid seeds! Hibernation is good when you need to work on all those tiny details, but I do hope you take a little walk around the forest now and again to clear the cobs!