Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Harvesting Pumpkins

Hello Everyone,
I know it's a bit early in the season, but I'm finished with my pumpkin harvest.

Well, I think it is finished except for the stitching.

I'm working on two more blocks for my Harvest of Hope quilt.  The original plan included 10 I'm down to 8. I got a brilliant idea for another block, so two of the pumpkins were replaced.  I'll bring them back if my brilliant idea doesn't work.

I received a couple of emails asking if this was going to be a pattern, and the answer is yes.  I'll have it ready in September for purchase through In Between Stitches or through my blog.

Today I'll be making apples.  Have you ever seen a plaid apple?  You will tomorrow if all goes well.



  1. Such cute pumpkins! Makes you think of Autumn already - eek!

  2. Only you could have such a beautiful harvest of pumpkins! Too cute!

  3. Love these pumpkins ! SO Cute ! Plaid apple ? I can not wait to see that one !

    Puts me in the mood for fall ;-)

  4. Greats points, are you going to have a white pumpkin? Your colour choices are just wonderful.

    Plaid apples will be great.

  5. Hmm, plaid apples? Are they cookers or eaters?