Saturday, June 7, 2014

Once Upon a Vine

Hello Everyone,
Once Upon a Vine kits and patterns will be ready next week.....finally!  I kept putting this one on the back burner and now it's going to be ready for prime time.

I'm loving this quilt and I'm looking forward to having it on display in my home in the heart of the Livermore Valley wine country.

Grit, in Germany, was asking about wool batting and how it washes.  Well Grit, I washed Minglewood in my washer with cold water, then I put it out flat to dry on the "poop deck". I designated this area as a "no fly, no poop zone", and the birds and the puppy left it alone.

Now you knew there was going to be a Mazey picture.  We wanted to check her weight, and this old meat scale worked beautifully.  The caption for this picture is,  "No, I'm not a fat quarter!" 



  1. Hi Lynn, Your quilts are beautiful...I can see why you are so excited to display them.

    Looks as though 'Mazey" wants to help you design a fun flower for new quilt!

    Have a great weekend.

    Hugs, Carolyn

  2. This is just gorgeous - love seeing your quilts and quilting up close. What a super model you have - she just glows!

  3. Awww, I hope you'll keep spoiling us with pictures of Mazey! And that quilting! Amazing! I swear, you could make a dish towel look like a work of art! XO

  4. Just love this quilt and as always your quilting is amazing ! I hope we see a picture of Mazey every time you post :-D

  5. I agree. A Mazey pic is required on each post. And, as usual, the quilt and quilting are amazing.

  6. Both quilts are so beautiful! And Mazey may not be a fat quarter, but she is as cute as one!

  7. Very cute Mazey! The quilts are lovely, especially the quilting. I use wool/cotton batting and find it washes well. I mainly use it because I make a lot of baby and childrens quilts and do not like polyester in them. Take care.

  8. Hello Lynn,
    Thank you for the pictures. I just love your quilting, but right now nothing tops pictures of Mazey. She's soooo cute!
    Hello from Germany, Doris

  9. PS: I cracked laughing about your answer to Grit. Poop Deck!
    So funny.
    xxx Doris

  10. Your quilts are both absolutely gorgeous and your quilting is perfect! Wow! Mazey is so adorable - I bet she is keeping you on your toes!

  11. Beautiful quilt and amazing quilting, wish I could quilt like that. I have a hard time quilting in the ditch!
    Happy stitching and thank you for the inspiration.