Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Medley of Marcus Fabrics

Hello Everyone,
Remember this quilt?  I made ten more blocks yesterday and started sewing the rows together last night.  If I turn them just right, they will make a nice design next to the border. It is easier to see the design when I walk across the room, and get back farther.

I'll be placing puzzle pieces today from this pile.  I know I will be making more blocks after I see what colors are missing on the design wall.  Now I think I need to add more blue blocks.

I only used Marcus Fabrics in the entire quilt. Here's an organized sample of some of the fabrics, from fat quarters to half yards.  I would show you the other bin, but it's not very organized.  The largest piece of fabric I need is only 5-1/4".  I would like to say I'm making a dent in the stash, but it doesn't seen like I am.

So let's make some dents in that stash today.  I know I'm going to be rummaging around in more bins to see what I can incorporate into this quilt.  I might just find some nice surprises.



  1. Apparently your stash and mine are kin, for I don't see much of a dent in mine, either. I have been productive, too, yet the stash is still out of control. (What a great problem to have, right?) I love your blocks and the way that you have set them together. Gorgeous!

  2. Oh goody! I might sew along with you Lynn (pending your approval) as I'm crazy for stars and I love this quilt. Mine wouldn't be all Marcus, but I would try for a similar flavor.

  3. I love that colorway, soft but not understated. I would love to play with those fabrics! As for me, its handstitching scraps because machine is packed away till we move. Have fun!

  4. Your blocks are wonderful and those fabrics are so yummy!

  5. What a good looking quilt. I am anxious to see more of it.

  6. What gorgeous blocks and do I ever love the Marcus fabrics! Some days I think my stash has a mind of it's own and multiples while we sleep - as long as it multiples with Marcus, it's fine by me!

  7. I love it Lynn! I love how the darker fabrics make a zig-zag effect around the stars. I love a secondary pattern that is not too obvious, but when you look at the quilt for a bit you suddenly see it! Great design! Hugs, H