Friday, April 17, 2015

It's Showtime

Hello Everyone,
I've been working on my booth for the Amador Valley Quilt Show which starts tomorrow, Saturday April 18th at the fairgrounds in Pleasanton.
All of this has been set up in my living room for the past two days.  You want to go shopping?  I try to make my booth warm and friendly so quilters want to pull up a chair and stay for awhile.

I've been busy making kits for my quilts on my work days at In Between Stitches. 

I have lots of product, lots of quilts, and lots of patterns.

When I used my Christmas lanterns at the show in Auburn last year, everyone wanted to buy them.  Forget the quilts, they wanted the lanterns!

I feel as though I've been playing "house" over the past couple of days.

The guild puts on a great show.  There are over 400 quilts.  Lots of vendors with quilting goodies.  Demonstrations throughout the day and good food!  I'm looking forward to seeing the featured artist, Rob Appell.

Come on out to the show this weekend and come by the Sew'n Wild Oaks booth.  I'd love to meet you.  Gail will be there too, along with my one of my granddaughters.  The twins have always wanted to work a show, and this weekend they are my Sew'n Wild Oaks ambassadors, re-stockers, baggers, and check out assistants.  On the job training is always the best.



  1. I'm sorry I'm missing the quilt show this weekend.....bummer.
    Have a wonderful time and make lots of money.....

  2. Oh, this sounds just wonderful - wish I was in the area. Much luck and success.

  3. Oh your booth is going to be wonderful! Wish I could see it in person. I have fond memories of going to this show in Pleasanton when I lived in Modesto. hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Your booth is going to be "Best of Show" Lynn!
    Looking forward to seeing Rob Appell's work too - Back in my knitting days, I was a regular at his mom's shop, "The Cotton Ball" in Morro Bay. Earlene Fowler featured the shop (under a different name) in her quilting mystery book series.

  5. It is very inviting. Guess your walls and beds are naked.

  6. I'm afraid I would be flat broke after visiting your gorgeous booth, Lynn! Having the twins along will be so much fun!

  7. Your booth looks wonderful. I reckon the twins will be kept busy restocking for you. I hope they enjoy themselves.

  8. I just love the vignettes you create for your displays, and the quilts too! If I was able to go, youd have to pack me up and take me with you (Dont worry Im tall but not heavy, wouldnt even know I was lurking in a crate somewhere)! Hope you had a success, and FUN!