Thursday, April 9, 2015

Spring Preview Party for In Between Stitches

Hello Everyone,
In Between Stitches held it's Spring Preview Party at The Purple Orchid Wine Country Resort and Spa Tuesday evening.  The following is just a sample of all of the classes which are offered at In Between Stitches throughout the Spring and Summer.  The full list of classes is available HERE.

Melissa, the shop's owner is expecting her first little one in the next three weeks.

She and her husband decided they wanted to be surprised, and not find out ahead of time if they are having a boy or girl.  I say good for them!! Be surprised and enjoy the anticipation.

Will the REAL pregnant lady please stand up?  I can't believe I'm posting this picture of me! Either I'm carrying my baby a little high......or my support bra isn't doing a good job.  It was fun being silly.  I'm happy to report that Lisa and I still have our jobs after poking so much fun at our boss.  We wish her all our best, and look forward to meeting the new little shop mascot.


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