Thursday, April 16, 2015

Foothill Quilters Guild Workshop

Hello Everyone,

Gail and I spent two wonderful days in great company with the Foothill Quilters Guild in Auburn, CA.  We literally went back to school on Tuesday, as the class was held in an old school house which is now the Civic Center.
The very talented girls dug right in and embraced Patchwork Math.  I introduced a new component and equation every hour on the hour throughout the day.  No slackers here!  They kept right up and I was able to introduce an extra component.

Don't worry, I let them out for recess and a nice lunch break. 

I put together a few collages of the girls' work.

There was a wide range of beautiful fabrics in the classroom.

From reproduction, to modern to Christmas was all beautiful.

The classroom was downstairs in an old building which reminded me so much of my old elementary school in Paradise, CA.  You could almost hear the voices from the past in the hallways upstairs.

This was our playground for the day, a roomy, and well-lit classroom.

Auburn is a charming little town located in the foothills of Northern California.  It is one of the oldest gold mining towns in the state.  It is well worth visiting and exploring the quaint downtown area.  Make sure you stop and see Suzanne and Candy at The Whistle Stop Quilt Shop located just outside of town. Gail and I both found lots of quilty goodness that followed us home.  

Thank you Foothill Quilters for making our visit to your guild and community so welcoming.  Both Gail and I feel like we made many new friends, and reconnected with many Needle Nellies from Georgetown. I hope to be seeing some of you again when I teach Grammy Squares at Whistle Stop in late August.  Many thanks for our wonderful time spent together.



  1. What a fun day you all must have had! I'm always amazed at the fabric and color vision of quilters. Each quilter's version of the same block components is uniquely individual. They're like "infinity" blocks. :)

  2. I echo Lynn's sentiments! We had a wonderful time with a great group of talented ladies in a charming community! Yes, we feel like we made new friends in Auburn and, of course, it was great to see so many of our Needle Nellie friends from Georgetown! Think about taking Lynn's Grammy Squares class in August at your Whistle Stop quilt store. I am working on it now and it is so much fun! These little "hexies" are so addicting! You are all very lucky to have such a great quilt shop in your area! Thanks again to all for a fun two days!

  3. Oh, everyone looks so very keen on their projects - you must be a strict task master, Lynn :D.

  4. You are so right, the room reminds me of the cafeteria at Paradise Elementary. Hope it didn't smell like stale spaghetti.

  5. Sounds like you and Gail had a wonderful time....I haven't been to Auburn in a very long time....I think we will make the trip over this summer....

  6. I haven't been to Auburn for years - will have to visit on my next trip to see family in Sacramento. Looks like it was a great class!

  7. Hi Lynn. This comment is for Mazey's health. Am sure you've heard about the "Dog Flu" hitting the Midwest. I called our vet about it and she said as long as our Toby had his BORDELLO shot, he would be fine. So if Mazey hasn't had her bordello shot, I would recommend she get it. Diseases have a way of spreading.

  8. One of these days I'm going to surprise you and show up for one of your classes, Lynn. And with my very own Patchwork Math book! :-)

  9. I see the Sister Act had a great couple of days in the foothills with another talented bunch of quilters!