Tuesday, January 1, 2019

For the Love of Baskets

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all had a Happy New Year.  We are such party animals. We toasted the New Year in with the cup of hot cocoa at 9pm and headed for bed to do some serious bonding with our electric blanket and a quilt.  Baby it's a cold 23 degrees outside and windy.

I'm starting the New Year off with a little sale on my ETSY site.  I'm offering For the Love of Baskets at the bargain price of $10.95 per pattern instead of $15.95 this week only.

This is my sister's For the Love of Baskets.

This is a great use of those scraps that you've been hoarding.....I mean saving for a good use.  I only used fabric from my stash when I made my version of this pattern.

The detailed directions will show you how to make (8) half-square triangles at a time.  Use four in a block, and then set four aside for another block.  Add a different basket base, and your block will look entirely different.

Click HERE for my basket tutorial.  But.....if you want to make the entire quilt, I'd really like to have you purchase the pattern!  Click HERE and you will be directed to my ETSY shop. Hint, hint, wink, wink!  If not, no worries.....just enjoy the tutorial and make some of these little cuties.

The Christmas Tree is coming down today along with the rest of the decorations.  This always involves a lot of furniture moving too.  That leads to vacuuming and dusting......the list goes on and on.

I hope you all have a healthy New Year.  If we have our health.....then we will all be happy!



  1. I bought this last Jan. My cousin and I decided to make one each. Her's was at the Machine quilting stage in April...…….. I changed the name of mine to For the love of Bloody baskets. Every time I think I'm finished those things , I count and still need more. Jan 2019, think I'll get it out again and try to finish them and move on the next step. I still love the quilt. Barb

  2. Love that quilt, the quilting is beautiful, and understand the frustration of the anonymous above, when things don't turn out how we want. I have lots of hopeful quilt starts. And hoping to get them finished some day.