Sunday, January 27, 2019

Heritage Photoshoot

Hello Everyone,
Friday was a beautiful day at Ironstone Winery in Murphys.  For us, it's just a short 20 minute drive from the cabin down to this quaint area.  Mr. Joe and I met up with Edie, the Independence Hall Quilt Guild Show Chairwomen.  Our goal was to take pictures of Heritage, the guild's scholarship quilt made from my pattern.  This quilt was made by 25 guild members, and machine quilted by Debra Coleman. 

When we arrived, both Edie and I realized the quilt didn't have a hanging sleeve on the back, so every picture you see, shows the quilt draped over something.

We got creative with our "draping" skills.  A flower pot is holding the corner on the old truck.  A metal sign is holding up the other end.

Ironstone Winery is a destination winery and also the location of the Mountain Heirloom Quilt Faire October 11 to 13th. 

Ironstone Winery is well known for their display of daffodils in the Spring.  Some of the early birds are getting a jump on Spring.
This is where I got creative with the pictures.


The Independence Hal Quilters have created and raffled quilts since 1976 to raise funds for scholarships for local youth with goals of obtaining a higher education.  To receive a scholarship, the students write an essay, and then go through an interview process with the scholarship committee.

I will be taking the quilt around with me in my travels.  Tickets are $1 each or $5 for six.  All guild members will also be selling tickets. 

I'm still preparing for the quilt show in Folsom, February 8 - 10th.  A three-day show is tough on this old gal.  I'm not the Spring Chicken that I used to be!  I have fat quarter, and fat eight towers coming out of my ears.  My cutting table and I have become one over the past week.  When I get tired of cutting, I sit and fold. 

Mr. Joe has been stuffing patterns into their plastic sleeves, and my pattern bins are full.  I've had the same wonderful HP laser printer since 2009.  It has printed over 300,000 pages.  It decided that it was tired and needed to be retired.  (I know the feeling!)  The printer quality just wasn't up to I ordered a new printer. The day the new printer arrived, the old one decided to start working again.   I now look like a total geek with four printers set up in my office.  Two Inkjet, and two Laser printers. I have become the printing fool!  Poor Mr. Joe has paper cuts on his paper cuts!  Better him than me since I don't want to bleed on my fabric towers!  I know, I'm all heart.



  1. What a beautiful quilt!!! You captured great images of it’s beauty at Ironstone. I hope for a successful fundraising raffle.
    Compliments to super supportive “Mr Joe.”

  2. Gorgeous quilt!! And what a delightful place to display it...what really made me sit up and take notice is that luscious green grass and blooming daffodils...both of which are in very short supply here in the upper midwest with our Polar Vortex...thank you for letting us know it is warm somewhere and all the best on the raffle quilt fundraiser.