Saturday, September 10, 2011

Christmas Quilt Along - Post #1

Hello Everyone,

Today is the Christmas Quilt Along.  Sue is hosting the day, so hop on over to Sue's and check out what other quilters are working on today.

This is where I left off last month.  After I'd sewn all of the internal blocks together, I decided to put in setting triangles.  Not a good move on my part since that meant I had to remove several inches of seams, and then sew the triangles in place.  That will teach me to plan ahead a bit better in the future.  I may work on the borders later on today.

But first, I want to get back to machine quilting Party in the Garden.  So close, yet so far....I have borders that need to be quilted.  I'm vertically challenged when it comes to quilting side borders.  I will have to take the quilt off the machine, turn it, and load it back on the machine.  Sounds like too much work for me today!  Is it nap time yet?

As always,



  1. OK I just did a comment and it's disappeared into thin air. I said that I love how your Scatty Christmas Stars has turned out and the quilting on the other one is awesome.

  2. Your Party in the Garden looks like a masterpiece to me. You must be very proud of it. I also did set in triangles for the Scatty Stars quilt and like the look very much. Yours looks great.

  3. I love both of them. Your quilting is looking beautiful. I think it was brilliant how we ended up making the quilt into a square. Never expected it to be that way. Hugs