Saturday, September 10, 2011

Christmas Quilt Along - Post #2

Hello Everyone,

Finally, twenty-six hours later, Party in the Garden is quilted!  Very densely quilted I might add.  My back is a little achy from leaning over the machine and working on all the feathers and micro-stippling.  So it's not a Christmas quilt.....but just pretend.....OK?  At least the house is red!

Now to the binding and I think this quilt will be done and hanging at Quilting in the Garden on September 24th!  There are still a few BOM slots left at Thimble Creek Quilt Shop if you are a glutton for punishment, I mean interested.  You know that song, The Second Time Around?  The Frank Sinatra version, not Lady Gaga. Well, I'm in love with this quilt, but I'm not sure that love is lovelier the second time around. I am one tired quilter and I won't plan on making this one again.

Now, about that nap!

As always,



  1. Hi Lynn! I love that quilt, it is just beautiful. I hope you got that nap, too! Sandy. :}

  2. And a well deserved nap, Lynn! This party will live on and on and on....

  3. That quilt is absolutely amazing. You DESERVE a good long nap!!! Stunning job!

  4. So many hours, my goodness. Your quilting is wonderful proof of your efforts.

  5. This is truly a beautiful quilt, I know you're tired now, but it was worth it, you're quilting is lovely. Well done.

  6. Crumbs - what fabulous quilting - no wonder your back aches!! Look forward to seeing the borders on Scatty Stars - I love those festive reds!