Saturday, September 3, 2011

Zinnie Picks a PICK FOUR Winner

Hello Humans,

My name is Zinnie and I'm your guest blogger today.  My human mom and life companion Lynn, let me select the winner of the autographed copy of PICK FOUR by Sue Abrey today.  If you only knew how long I had to wait while my humans got everything ready for me to do 'my thing'  and I don't mean doing my business in the yard!

First, my dad had to go to the store twice and buy three boxes of Vita Bones.  Two boxes weren't enough for all of the comments.

My mom wrote numbers on every single bone representing each and every comment from all of you blog readers.  I personally want to thank you for keeping me supplied in Vita Bones for a long, long time. YUM, my favorite treat!

All of the bones were gently put onto a quilt.....or course....what else would Lynn use to display my treats???

Oh, the anticipation of selecting a winner and enjoying my treat at the same time.

Boy, do they smell good.  I'm showing great restraint here folks.  Remember I'm only two and sometimes it is hard to behave.  Now who is the lucky winner going to be?

I think I'll pick this one!  Now here comes the tough part.  My humans aren't quick enough to get my treat away from me, so they don't know which number is the winner.

So back we go into the kitchen and reorder the remaining treats and look for the missing number.  Tail wag please.......

.....and the lucky winner is.......#64 Quiltin' Sandy from Australia!!!!   Let's give her a paw!!

I'm just showing off here so you can see that I am one, fine looking too!  It's Been a Hard Days Night and I've Been Working Like a Dog!

Sandy, please send your address to Lynn at   Sue will be sending an autographed copy of Pick Four to you from across the Pond.

This has been so much fun.  I want to thank Sue for her generous giveaway.  I also want to thank everyone that commented on the blog.  I'm in doggie heaven with all of my treats. 

Barkingly yours,


P.S.  I want to do a 'bark out' to everyone that tried to bribe me with kibble and treats in your comments.  Better luck next time!


  1. The very best 'random winner chooser'! made me smile through my disappointment - lol. Thanks for participating.

  2. Seriously, you have the best random number generator EVER! :-)

  3. this made me giggle...had to share with my husband. It got a smile out of him (he kind of gets tired of me sharing quilt patterns and quilting related things)

  4. Well Zinnie even though you didn't pick me it doesn't matter because All You Need is Love and I still love you. Linda x

  5. Zinnie- thank you- and I will ask your mum Lynn to give you a BIG hug from me!;)
    I have enjoyed your blog so much Lynn, you put a lot of thought into asking for the comments about Beatle songs, I became a follower because I thought this is such a fun blog, and the way my number- er, bone was chosen was hilarious!
    I will look forward to more giggles on here! Hugs from Sandy over the pond. :)

  6. Congrats to Sandy, and thanks Zinnie for the professional way in which you carried out your duties.

  7. I've just noticed, Zinnie's collar co-ordinates with the quilt.

  8. Hello Lynn and Zinnie,

    Oh I am smiling at this post. Congrats to Sandy.
    Happy days.

  9. Congratulations to Sandy - love the random generator you used.

  10. Oh Zinny, not only are you a pretty girl, but you're so smart! Congratulations to Sandy! Thanks, Zinny, for bringing us this delightful post!

  11. What a wonderful way to pick the winner but, I don't want my babies to ever see your blog. Thanks for the smiles.

  12. Oh my friend, you have done it again. You are one clever and extremely creative lady!

  13. This is sooo funny! My dog would have probably grabbed 3 in one bite!

  14. Hi Lynn and Zinnie- me again! Yes I have a quirky sense of humour, my number was 64??? Was it the Beatles that sang " willyou still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm 64?" LOL LOL.

  15. Very restrained!My two woolly monsters would have gobbled loads in one go!!

  16. Hi from France
    Sandy is really a lucky quilter !Congratulations to her.
    Lynn I love your sense of humour
    Happy quilting