Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tools in My Toolbox

Hello Everyone,

Time to get out the old toolbox full of Civil War fabrics and start making blocks according to my own directions for Country Charm.  This is how I create.....I surround myself with some fabric, paper, pencil, computer and Bernina.

The directions are almost finished.  It is time to check and re-check.  The next version of Country Charm is going to be made using Civil War fabrics.  Every color of Civil War fabrics I can squeeze into it!

I chuckle when people tell me they would love to see my "quilting studio".  Here it is, the dining room table at the cabin!  When it is too chilly to eat outside, I have to clear the table.  There have been times when I didn't want to clear the table and disturb a thing, so we ate outside wearing jackets.  Mr. Joe draws the line when it comes to wearing mittens with his meal! 

Back to work for me.  My toolbox is full of ideas that need to get out of my brain on into the computer.

Hope you all have a creative day!

As always,



  1. Now if there was just a stream with wild trout outside, I would be in 7th heaven, Lynn! Mr. Joe is a trooper ;>)

  2. What a lovely view you have while you're being creative.

    I hope your instruction-writing is going well.