Thursday, September 8, 2011

Machine Quilting Day

Hello Everyone,

Today will be another machine quilting day for Party in the Garden.  I thought quilting would be easier the second time around....but it hasn't been easy so far!

Basically I'm quilting it the same way as the first version.....which is very time consuming.  I use rulers in the border, and I'm not too fast when working with rulers.  Sometime ago I lost my concentration while working with a ruler and it slipped under the needle.  The machine stalled, it took me forever to extract the impaled needle in my ruler....and then the timing was 'off' on the machine.  So the lesson learned for that experience was to slow down and concentrate on keeping all appendages out of harms way!

It is very hard to get good pictures of machine quilting.  I was playing around with different settings on my camera and I think I've got the correct setting!

I love quilting all the little vignettes in this quilt.  Each section is unique and needs to be quilted differently than the section next to it.  Fun, yet exhausting!  After a few hours of this, both Zinnie and I are ready for a walk!

On a side note, life goes full circle.  Our sons played football and soccer throughout their youth and in high school.  We sat in the same section of the bleachers for years watching them play. Then our daughter played soccer at the same high school, and we sat in the same section for another four years. The kids said they were going to carve our initials 'on the pines' that we warmed for so many years.  Tonight, we head back to the same bleachers to watch our grandson Austin play freshman football on that same field.  Hopefully the same bleachers are there, molded perfectly to our backsides......well maybe the wood has expanded a little... wink, wink!

As always,



  1. Your quilting looks lovely! Slow and sure will get it done beautifully. The hexagons are so puffy - have you added an extra layer of batting on them? I really like the look!

  2. You are doing a wonderful job machine quilting ! Just GORGEOUS!

  3. Oh Lynn - it will be SO worth the effort in the end! Oh - your pictures are perfect, too! It's so cool that you've been able to have the same seats for so long! We don't have any children to watch play football, but we've often thought it would be fun to attend the high school games!

  4. It's beautiful Lynn...the quilting is lovely and really sets and finishes off the quilt beautifully.
    Julia ♥

  5. The quilt it going to be so beautiful.

    How wonderful that life has gone full circle for you like that. I bet it brought back loads of memories going back last night. Is a bleacher the same thing we call a bench? Just a length of wood laid on wood/concrete legs?

  6. Hi! Greetings from Finland! I LOVE the quilts! I am very happy to it happend so, that I found your blog! Have a nice day!

  7. Lynn,
    I don't know how you do are a true artist. Your quilting is beautiful.
    How fun going down memory lane...especially with family. They are the most important.