Friday, September 30, 2011

Country Charm(er).....GIVEAWAY

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick post to show a finished Country Charm(er). I haven't decided on the final name yet.  That's YOUR task.

I love decorating with quilts.  This 8 foot red ladder is perfect for a corner that needs to be brightened up with a quilt.  Key the Christmas music and let's put up the Christmas tree!  A bit premature, but I am in the Christmas spirit after finishing the red/white check binding.

I draped the quilt over/through a non-functional sled that I purchased at a junk shop for a song.  My daughter-in-law gave us the little blue kerosene heater.  It is so funny how many times people give us something and say, "This would look great at the cabin!"  The little heater is a wonderful addition to our collection of treasures/junk shop finds.

Since I'm in a giving, Christmas about a GIVEAWAY!!  Let me know in the comment section or via email  just what I should name this quilt.  You can vote for Country Charm or Country Charmer or come up with something completely different, and you could be a winner of a pattern to make your own Country Charm(er).  This contest is going to have a quick turn around time, so vote by Tuesday, October 4th, 12pm PST and the pattern winner will be announced Wednesday Oct. 5th.  I don't care where you live, I will send the pattern anywhere in the world.

As always, Zinnie will be the judge with a little help from Mom and Dad.  She is more than willing to be bribed with Kibble and doggie treats, and the decision of the judge is tag-wagging final.

Have a great weekend.  You know the saying, vote early and vote often!

As always,



  1. I very much like what you did wth the borders. The whole quilt looks beautiful, especially with your old sled. That sled made me think "Sledding With The Stars."

  2. Love this quilt... I can think of a number of names... A Chain of Stars~

  3. I think that's a beautiful quilt. I love red and white, and the way you have it displayed. I think Country Charm is a nice name for it. Thanks for the giveaway.

  4. I love the looks and I think Country Charm is perfect for a name. It fits the quilt. Hugs

  5. Beautiful quilt ! I like the name " Country Charm" the name fits it PERFECTLY . The quilt has that Country feel and looks right at home in your cabin. I would love to win this pattern and have a chance to make this gorgeous quilt.

  6. Love the quilt......I would go one step further than Cathy and I would call it
    "Sledding Under Christmas Stars".....

  7. Hi Lynn! looks like Irish chain and with Star blocks, I thought " Chained to the Stars' suited it.
    A beautiful quilt, by the way. The very first quilt I made, after the sampler one I learned on, was a Ohio Star quilt for my Grandson in blues and cream. I love star blocks. :)

  8. It's so beautiful Lynn..I love the borders .
    I'm thinking." Country Christmas Charmer"..the three C's
    Julia ♥

  9. How about Christmas Charmer?
    Charming Stars?
    Starway to the Country? (Play on words there, get it??)
    Or just plain Sue's Quilt!!

  10. Earlier in your blog, you refer to your masterpiece as 'Country Charm'--you should just go with this! Here's another itea: Country Twilight

  11. It's just beautiful. My favorite is Country Charmer!

  12. I agree with QuiltSue, Christmas Charmer.
    It's so lovely any where you hang it. Thanks for the opportunity to win a pattern.

  13. How about Stars in the Country? Whatever it's called, it's gorgeous!

  14. I like your names Lynn, but what the heck - I'll add one - how about Christmas Cabin Stars? Whatever you decide to christen this gorgeous quilt, it is sure to be an heirloom!

  15. How about County Christmas Charmer? It is absolutely beautiful!

  16. This quilt is beautiful. I vote for Country Charm.

  17. I vote for Country Charm, but I also like Country Stars. Either way, the quilt is a winner! Love it!

  18. Where can I get that pattern?

    1. Dear Anonymous,
      You are a 'no reply' status so I can't email you directly. The pattern is available at
      Thank you for commenting. --Lynn