Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Basket Blocks

Hello Everyone,

I'm loving my baskets!

Nine baskets grew in the night to 24 baskets!  They are proliferating in my sewing room.

All of these 5" x 11" strips will make another 24 baskets......if I don't make any cutting mistakes.

The Block of the Week is available HERE at In Between Stitches.  I selected the fabrics in the top row yesterday, and got them all nicely packaged in between waiting on customers at the shop.  All I want to do is make these little cuties.....but I have other things on my to-do list first.

I'm still contemplating an attractive way to 'set' the blocks.  There are endless possibilities.  Just as there are endless possibilities on how you choose to spend your day.  Choose wisely......today is a gift to be enjoyed!



  1. I LOVE your blocks! They are awesome! You can send them to me as soon as you're finished!


  2. How much fun is that! It's wonderful how all the neutral backgrounds are different yet blend so well together, Lynn! You are fastly becoming my "color counselor"!

  3. Love your little baskets! I have had a better look at your tutorial for making the HSTs 8 at a time and I know that will be a huge help with the basket quilt I am making. Thank you! The BOM is a great idea...I love the setting!

  4. How big are your blocks? I love, love, love them!

  5. Your baskets are very pretty and you know how to place your fabrics. I love them two. The quilt will be beautiful.

  6. Pretty baskets, and your fabrics are beautiful.

  7. Love, love the baskets...great combination of colours. Another stunning quilt in the making!
    Julia ♥