Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Blogging Buddies Meet

 Hello Everyone,
Yesterday was a great day. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Candace and Mr. Squash from Squash House Quilts.  I knew that Candace was going to be visiting a friend in Napa, which is just a stones throw away from Livermore (well an hour away which is close considering California is such a large state.)  We emailed and set our date for Monday, my workday at In Between Stitches.
There are people in your life that you've feel like you've known forever, even though you've never met.  I knew Candace and Mr. Squash instantly when they came through the door.  Big smiles and hugs were exchanged, a little conversation, then let the shopping begin!   Our calendars came out to schedule a fly fishing, quilting, kayaking and hiking visit to the cabin in late summer or early fall.  And, we are going to plan a road trip to Washington and stay at The Squash House!  I've met the nicest people over the years through blogging.  It is such a wonderful way to connect with people that share a common interest.  I look forward to the day when we meet again and can spend some good, quality time together.

On another note, I love, LOVE to do binding.  It's a feeling of completion and brings closure to a project and it gives me a good reason to watch TV absolutely guilt free.  I cut my binding strips to 2", and use silk thread and a teeny, tiny blind stitch to secure it to the back.  The binding is nice and "full" of batting and backing. 

I'm halfway done with the binding, and then it's hanging sleeve and quilt label time followed by a picture taking session for the pattern cover.

Now for my next project..........



  1. And the two of you look a lot alike - sisters, cousins??? How wonderful to meet a fellow blogger. And ButterScotch is just scrumptious!!

  2. So glad you got to meet Candace she is a real sweetheart. I've never met her in person but we talk quilting and gardening through emails. I told her I was waving at her from my deck when she was at Shasta. I am between Shasta and Mt. Lassen almost perfectly between actually. It is fun to make friends with like interests. I love Butter Scotch!

  3. Yesterday was the highlight of our trip, Lynn! I only wish we could have stayed and chatted longer, or come back to visit later in the week when you weren't working! Butterscotch is even more gorgeous up close and personal (and I'm glad you took the needle out of the binding before we snuggled up in it - wink)! We both look forward to seeing you - and meeting Mr. Joe and Gail and Zinny - in the near future! Thanks for helping to make our day so special!

  4. How Fun ! You 2 look so cute all wrapped up in your beautiful Butterscotch quilt !

  5. What fun to meet an online friend. Turns out she lives about an hours drive from me, so I'm hoping to meet her someday soon too. She and I share quilting and fly fishing in common so it should be fun. Have a great day - love that quilt!! Hugs.

  6. Oh my Im so glad it's OK to add a full binding. I love it but most "quilters" don't do it that way. I wanted to put a binding with batting at a 2 in. on my grandsons quilt but thought maybe its not good. Wow, I am so happy now. As I have said before Lynn You Are My Hero!!

  7. What a wonderful time you had with Candace and hubby. Love the picture of the two of you with your gorgeous quilt. It sure sounds like you have a great holiday planned!

  8. Appears you and Candace (two of my favorite bloggers) had lots of fun.