Thursday, February 7, 2013


Hello Everyone,
These hands of mine have been keying in at the computer, holding a rotary cutter or holding a rake this week.  That is quite a three-some!  We've taken advantage of the lack of rain and snow to do some much needed yard work.
I left the rake and computer behind yesterday afternoon and concentrated on making HST for the basket block of the week and turned this.......
.......into these.  All of the components are ready to be sewn together for 24 more little basket blocks.  Once you get to this point, the baskets go together very quickly.

I would rather rake than write patterns...PERIOD! It is so much easier to make the triple-mitered borders than it is to write about it in the pattern.  I do all my own graphics and writing......and it takes me forever!  I'm teaching this class in March so I have to finish the directions soon.    Just a few more hours of writing, then I can email the directions to my pattern testers for review.  When the girls make this quilt in class, I'll give each of them a red pen and I'll immediately make any changes necessary to make the pattern better.  I found this is the best thing to do before I release the pattern to the public.  There's always something that needs to be changed or clarified.  What I think is crystal clear, usually isn't.

My hands will be busy today, raking before the snow arrives, sewing, cooking, and cleaning.  When did my hands start looking like my mother's?  Did it happen overnight? Did they turn into my mother's since we enjoyed doing the same things?  Sometimes I catch myself staring at them, and marvel at them.  They are the best tool we have in our toolbox.....once we work the stiffness out of them!  Occasionally I need to give mine a shot of oil......where's the Tin Woodsman's oil can when I need it? 



  1. Love those fabrics, Lynn! Busy hands, happy heart.

  2. You must sleep like a rock, Lynn! That's a lot of work! I agree with Darlene, though :>) Funny about our hands - I was just thinking that same thing about mine the other day! And I have a bottomless barrel of that Tin Woodsman's oil!

  3. I had been enjoying the lovely weather too and working outdoors is such a blessing with weather like this, but sometime in the night a wet cat jumped on the bed to make us aware that the cold rain had started and today there may even been snow so yes, a reminder that it really is still winter. I love these days though, that I can spend at my sewing machine as soon as I get off this computer. I you ever need a pattern tester count me in, I have been admiring your work for quite a while now!

  4. I prefer red wine to shots of oil myself, Lynn!

  5. I so hear you on the hands!!! The snow looks fun - hope it was needed and not caused any problems!

    Butterscotch baskets is gorgeous! Can hardly wait to see your quilting!!

    Have a blessed day!