Friday, February 8, 2013

Cabin Quilting

Hello Everyone,
I put Butterscotch Baskets on the dining room table yesterday so I could start marking it for machine quilting, and it started to snow.

The trees looked like a large sifter was suspended above, dispensing a gentle dusting of powdered sugar.  I got so preoccupied looking outside, I had to force myself to concentrate on the job I started in the first place.  This is a BIG quilt. A quilt which is going to take me forever to machine quilt and bind.  I guess that's why I've been procrastinating for so long.  I would love to put this quilt on the table at Thanksgiving......but the first person that drops a greasy turkey leg on it would be shot at sunrise. (Except for the grand kids, they can do anything they want!)

In the morning I made 12 more little baskets for the BOW program.  It's a good thing it wasn't snowing so I could concentrate on what I set out to do.

This is my favorite block.  I may decide to use a green background when it comes time to set the blocks.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend getting distracted by Mother Nature.



  1. Wow, your big quilt looks gorgeous.
    Your baskets wonderful,too.

    Liebe Grüße Grit

  2. I love everything you do so much! Your butterscotch baskets quilt is gorgeous. Do you need my mailing address? You'll be sending it to me when your finished, right? Thanks for sharing...thinking of you there in the snow. Hope it isn't like the blizzard the people in the NE USA are getting tonight.

    Cheery wave!


  3. Your quilt is just gorgeous! Love your baskets too!

    It is hard to concentrate when the snow arrives. It finally came to us in Michigan through the night. It's so peaceful and relaxing:)

  4. Pretty windows to work in front of. :) I need to mark a quilt for quilting. I hate that job.

  5. Oh my, the big quilt is a beauty. Maybe you could cover it with wide plastic (from WallyWorld or JoAnns). That way it could be shown off on a table and saved too ;-)
    Love those little baskets and the snow view.

  6. Wow! To see Butterscotch Baskets laid out like that is is big, but it is beautiful! And of course your little baskets are cute too! Enjoy the weekend...we are expecting a major snow storm! It might be a CC weekend in my sewing corner if we don't lose power!

  7. If I were you I might decide to serve a plastic turkey with your gorgeous quilt on the table - lol! I can't wait to see how you quilt this beauty, Lynn! I'll be taking notes ;>) Enjoy that snow and send some over here while you're at it!!

  8. Lucky ! We did not get any snow here :-( Your quilt just looks gorgeous on your couch looking out at the snow on the trees . I am looking forward to seeing your quilting on this basket beauty !

  9. Oh my your quilt is gorgeous, amazing. I showed my husband and said, "this is how I would like to quilt". Oh how I wish I had started quilting long ago. It is going to be fabulous. And we had about an inch of snow last night. It's melting but the clouds are coming. It makes the house cold even with a fire. I look forward to spring. Enjoy your week end in the cabin Lynn.

  10. Snow here too, but it's the wet, icky kind. Though it does provide a good reason to stay inside and quilt!

  11. Would love some snow down under...42 celcius tomorrow I will be melting!
    Quilt is stunnimng Lynn, love the colours.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Julia ♥

  12. That's beautiful, and the snow outside with the gorgeous lamp really sets it off :} Look forward to seeing how you quilt it.

  13. Butterscotch Baskets is wonderful, and I've worked out how to protect it from greasy turkey legs. Send it to me!! Isn't that a good idea?